Mariachi Family Featured on THE BRIEFCASE This Wednesday, June 17 on CBS

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Music has this amazing ability to bring people together, whether it is a music festival or in someone’s living room. On the new CBS show, THE BRIEFCASE, we meet The Mata Family who, through thick and thin, have come together to pursue their love of Mariachi music and expand an entire program into their community in order to make a positive impact on Boyle Heights. For more information on The Mata Family, please find their full bio below.

THE BRIEFCASE is a heart-warming story of two struggling families suddenly coming into $101,000 and having to make a hard decision between keeping the money for their own family or being generous to another family facing hard times.

Episode 104 – Wednesday, June 17 at 8pm ET/PT on CBS

Richard and Esperanza “Espy” Mata are a first generation Mexican-American family residing in Boyle Heights. Since Espy became pregnant when she was only 17, the Mata family has worked tirelessly to attend school and achieve their American Dream. With both Richard and Espy working full-time jobs in addition to running their Mariachi conservatory, overcoming such obstacles hasn’t stopped this family of four from falling on hard financial times.

You can watch the trailer for this emotional series that tears at the heartstrings of viewers here:

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