Daxxify is getting longer lasting results than Botox

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Wrinkles Begone #2

For the past twenty years Botox has been the FDA approved injectable for fixing fine lines, wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and under the eyes. Now, a new and exciting FDA injectable is on the market, Daxxify.

Warmer weather, is flourishing once again in NYC. Trees are in bloom and beautiful flowers adorn Park Avenue. Outdoor cafes are bustling with activity and people are out and about, attending events and socializing with friends and family. What better a time to look your best!
Putting on my makeup, one morning, I couldn’t help but notice that the lines on my forehead and between my brows had reappeared, causing me to look tired even though I had had plenty of sleep.
Previously, Botox did a great job giving me a natural, more refreshed look, but I was unhappy with it’s short term effect.
My appointment with Dr. Bryan Forley, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, revered by peers and patients alike was coming up. I decided to address my concerns with the doctor.

What Causes wrinkles?
In his office, Dr. Forley asked me my concerns and expectations. With mirror in hand, I pointed to the returning lines on my forehead and between my brows. Curious, I asked Dr. Forley why do wrinkles form. Dr. Forley explained that wrinkles were, in fact, a natural part of the aging process. Factors such as heredity, smoking and exposure to sunlight can be some of the primary causes of premature wrinkling, by breaking down the collagen and elastin fibers, which is in the dermis below the skin’s surface. He went on to explain, repetitive facial expressions such as smiling, squinting and frowning, can cause etched lines and eventually deeper groves to appear.

I told Dr. Forley that I was happy with the effects of Botox, but at the same time, unhappy with its short term duration. I asked if there was anything else that had the same effect, but lasted longer than four months?
Dr. Forley explained that currently, he was using Daxxify and getting longer lasting results in his patients that he had previously treated with Botox.

What is this new injectable? FDA approved Daxxify, created and manufactured in the USA, is the latest neuromodulator available to date. Uniquely, Daxxify is the only botulinum toxin product formulated with peptides made from amino acids, which gives it added stability and longevity. Translated, this means that it impacts the very way your nerves react. Like with twenty year old Botox, when Daxxify is injected into selected muscles, it literally changes the way the nerves and muscles communicate with one and other. Repetitive muscle contraction is prevented by blocking the attachment of a chemical called acetylcholine to the nerve receptors in the treated muscles. By preventing a chemical called acetylcholine from being released, facial muscles can no longer contract. Less muscle contraction in the injected areas, means existing wrinkles become smoother and new wrinkles are prevented from forming.

Yes, Daxxify is safe for all skin types.

Daxxify works similarly to Botox, essentially by freezing wrinkles. Again like with Botox, once injected the tissue will relax and create a wrinkle free area.

Would the effects of Daxxify last longer than Botox? “Yes,” replied the doctor, “that’s the exciting part, Daxxify is in fact, the new longer lasting alternative to Botox. Daxxify has been shown to last 2-3 months longer than what a patient might typically experience with Botox. This means up to six months or longer. In fact, some patients see results lasting up to nine months.

In clinical trials, as with Botox, serious treatment related side effects were not observed. The most common side effects were headaches, drooping eyelid and facial asymmetry.

Trusting Dr. Forley’s cautionary and well researched approach, with his trusted approval, I was sold.
Stay tuned for before and after photos in six months.


If you plan to be in NYC, you can make an appointment with Dr. Forley to discuss your concerns.
Dr. Bryan G. Forley
5 East 82 Street, NYC 10028




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