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By Sharon Marantz Walsh

Today more and more people are adding videos to enhance their website experience. Looking for someone to create a video, is I discovered not an easy task. I hope my experience will make your search easier and more successful.

First let me be honest and say that I have absolutely no knowledge about making a video, and had no idea how to even begin. A friend suggested that I put the “ask” out on a local chat page; and I did just that. Almost immediately I got a reply from a gentleman who said he had been in the video business for many years. In fact it was a family owned business. Thinking I was pretty savvy, I immediately looked them up on the internet.

I had my first call with their video designer. I explained my concept, telling him I wanted to display my art work in a European style art gallery. I wanted sexy jazz music, and thought it should run approximately four minutes, since the video would be the major element of my website. He said he totally

understood and had a clear picture of exactly what I was describing. He went on to say, that he had an array of templates and music, that would more than fit the bill. I took him at his word. FIRST MISTAKE.

We discussed price and agreed on going forward. SECOND MISTAKE: he said he wanted full payment before beginning. This did not please me, but I was anxious to get started, so I agreed. THIRD MISTAKE: Always ask to see the different templates. Take the time to actually listen to the suggested music, view art placement etc. Unfortunately I did none of those things and as a result was presented with a video that was totally unrelated to what we had discussed.

It was here I learnedI learned an expensive lesson, and had no one to blame but my self. You have to be your own advocate, you can’t leave things to chance or another person’s interpretation, because, what you envision may not be what he is visualizing at all.

Knowing that I would have to begin the process once more, I began my search, this time zeroing in on minimalistic art gallery templates, exactly what I was searching for. I narrowed down my search after looking at various template designs to Sotiris Sigounas, a video artist living in Greece. As we texted back and forth, I learned that Sotiris had been interested in art as a five year old boy, He went on to tell me, that he studied graphic design, 3D animation and became passionate creating digital art because of it’s versatility, being able to let his imagination soar, creating anything imaginable.

I explained that I wanted my artwork to be displayed in a European type, minimalistic art gallery. I was delighted to learn that my new friend in Greece, did in fact create art gallery templates for video publications. For Sotiris, the feeling of honor and responsibility of providing an attractive means of exposure for other artists, drove him to create high quality video production projects, to stand out in every social media and website.

Together Sotiris and I looked over my art work, as well as the templates he created. Together we chose the music and length of time the video would run.

Sotiris’ work is his passion and it shows in the way he works with his clients. He takes his product very seriously. Working with him was a pleasure, always answering any questions I might have within twenty four hours.

I choose his MINIMALISTIC ART GALLERY, an elegant gallery inspired by a famous European art museum, with a dark luxurious atmosphere. This template has 2 project versions, one with color customized frames and one frameless for an even more modern and minimalistic look. All of Sotiris’ templates come to you in Full HD Resolution. I fell in love with his customized frames, and choose that version for my video. We selected a sexy jazz instrumental piece to accompany the video presentation.

Creativity is subject to interpretation, everyone see things differently, but to find someone who takes the time to listen, who understands your vision, is a rare and a most appreciated find!

To see more of Sotiris’ video templates please visit his website at

And for additional information feel free to contact Sotiris at [email protected]

And to see my video please visit my website:


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By Sharon Marantz Walsh
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