Kids get surprise from celebrity dog during pandemic!

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Surf dog Ricochet reaches out to parents, teachers, special ed programs, therapists,
surf therapy org’s, foster care, group homes & other child related initiatives

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May 8, 2020… Ricochet, a certified therapy dog, champion surf dog & celebrity star of the IMAX film, Superpower Dogs is surprising kids with with FREE virtual canine therapy and video conferencing sessions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Parents, teachers, special education programs, home school educators, therapists, counselors, military families, at risk programs, group homes, surf therapy organizations & other child related initiatives are invited to get their kids involved.

The sessions are FREE and ALL INCLUSIVE so any child can partake in fun, educational activities which include video chatting, coloring, Superpower Dogs activities, reading, virtual surfing, dog tricks, show & tell, Q&A’s, boredom busting, anxiety relief and more!

Each one-on-one session is geared toward each individual child, group or classroom. To schedule a session, send an email to Judy Fridono, Executive Director of the non-profit, Puppy Prodigies & Ricochet’s guardian at [email protected]. Participants do not need to have met or worked with Ricochet previously. She’s available to individuals all over the world via Zoom or FaceTime. Additional info and more demo videos can be found at

In every other crisis, therapy dogs are called upon to provide assistance, comfort and healing. But, due to social distancing and quarantine, animal assisted therapy programs have been suspended. At a time when dogs could be truly valuable resources, Puppy Prodigies is thinking outside the box so kids can still interact with Ricochet from the safety of their own home!

Puppy Prodigies has been offering canine-assisted programs since 2006. They are a grassroots organization that prides themselves on their pioneering efforts and innovative programs utilizing highly skilled and task trained service dogs, certified and registered therapy dogs and trained emotional support dogs.

Ricochet has 12 years experience as a certified goal directed therapy dog through Pawsitive Teams. This program is significantly different from the usual “meet and greet” hospital and nursing home type of animal assisted activities. In this program, the dogs are used both as a tool and a motivator to help clients (children and adults) achieve clearly defined goals as set by their teacher or therapist.

In addition, Ricochet is certified through Alliance of Therapy Dogs and holds the title of AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished. She has won scores of awards for her substantial work in human-animal intervention and healing. She also provides canine-assisted surf therapy and adaptive surfing to kids with autism and other special needs, differently abled individuals, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD. She balances boards… and lives!

Ricochet’s therapeutic expertise includes, but is not limited to autism, special needs, anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, combat PTSD, moral injury, brain injury, social anxiety, triggers and melt downs. She empowers, enhances and improves the quality of life for individuals with behavioral, social, physical, cognitive or emotional challenges.

In addition, Ricochet’s virtual canine therapy is offered for anxiety reduction to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic including doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers, families who lost a loved one to covid-19, seniors in nursing homes and anyone else feeling stressed, anxious or other feelings. Ricochet provides a calm demeanor of comfort and support where emotions can be safely released as the individual is spun into a cocoon of positive energy and healing.​

Note: For more information, please contact Judy Fridono at 707-228-0679 or at [email protected].

Learn more about Ricochet at and follow her on social media at @SurfDogRicochet

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