WALLPLAY PRESENTS JONATHAN ROSEN “I WANT ________.” {a wallplay original series}

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{a wallplay original series} 
Make – Episode 1: I Want
Step inside the brilliant mind of Jonathan Rosen as he takes you on an ethereal journey through his wants and desires.
Jonathan Rosen’s meticulously crafted series of twelve large-scale collages entitled I WANT embody the labor of love and/or love as labor. Developed over several years of collecting objects and stories, these works have universal resonance around questions of success, failure and desire. In this series, Rosen stages late Capitalist hunger in a sometimes playful, and at other times tragic way. A darkly playful underbelly of romantic love rears its head in Andrew Cornell Robinson’s abject sculptures. In Centerpiece I, an ice cream Sunday of bodily organs fill a drinking goblet. The viewer is unsure as to whether they should eat it, or find the lover whose heart has been ripped out. These unsettling trophies fool around with thresholds of comfort, boldly questioning whether love is necessarily a transaction of trust.


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