“The Seniority Solution: Your Road to a Reasonable Retirement” Gerry Stellwagen, president of Stellwagen & Associates, publishes a booklet aimed to take the mystery out of retirement planning

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“The Seniority Solution: Your Road to a Reasonable Retirement”

Gerry Stellwagen, president of Stellwagen & Associates, publishes a booklet aimed to take the mystery out of retirement planning.


(Sarasota, Florida) Gerry Stellwagen, CPA, CFP® PFS, CLU, a certified Financial Planner professional and president of Stellwagen & Associates, recently published a primer for retirees and those approaching retirement.

“My book covers all the bases,” says Stellwagen. “Whether you’re in retirement, nearing it, or simply serious about meeting your and your family’s financial objectives, it surveys the issues you face.” The 70-year-old author adds that he confronts many of those same concerns himself. Thanks to his expertise, he decided to make the road to retirement clear to others. “There’s so much information and misinformation about retirement,” Stellwagen says. “It can easily get very confusing—but I try to make it simple.”

His financial roadmap offers commonsense benchmarks showing individuals how well their retirement plans will work. Those who still haven’t created a plan will find everything they need to start. Essentially, it’s an easily personalized guide to a thriving post-career life.

“How do you generate 30 to 40 years of income after you retire?” asks Stellwagen. “That is the question. It’s a very big question—and it can be intimidating. I break it down into lots of little questions and remove the fear factor.”

So, how does he break it down?

Stellwagen explains that a good financial guide begins with an in-depth evaluation of the individual’s current financial status. “Basically, it’s as simple as knowing where you are and where you want to be,” he says. “Once you establish your overall objectives, you need to research your options. I’ll show you exactly how to do that and point the way to valuable resources.”

But the road doesn’t stop there. Once individuals assess their situation and destination, they learn how to make their money grow—and keep growing. How?

“We use two complimentary methods: tax and cash flow modeling and goals-based analysis,” says Stellwagen. “After that, we offer a variety of approaches, including tax-managed portfolios, guaranteed income, money market instruments, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and life, health, and long-term care insurance.”

Throughout the book, Stellwagen illustrates the do’s and don’ts of retirement planning with real-life stories and anecdotes. Real people with very real problems. And Stellwagen’s real solutions.

“This is more than abstract knowledge,” he says. “My book is a real roadmap for real human beings. I try to keep it in the real world.”

As Stellwagen sees it, the retirement crisis is very real.

“There are millions of baby boomers reaching the end of their careers,” he says. “They suddenly realize they need to think about retirement planning. What about my pension plans? What about Social Security? Where do I invest? They can’t ignore these questions any longer, and it can get intimidating.”

Stellwagen’s key advice?

“Don’t panic,” he says. “The road to a reasonable retirement is like any other road. The journey always begins with a single step. Once you start, each step that follows gets a little easier.”

Stellwagen, a 20-year resident of Venice, has served as a financial planning and tax professional for more than 35 years. An honors graduate of Pace University and a Navy veteran, he is the chairman of the Veterans Committee for the local Elks Lodge, and active in veterans’ affairs.

“The Seniority Solution: Your Road to a Reasonable Retirement” is available at www.stellwagenandassociates.com and on Amazon.

Stellwagen & Associates is located at 901 Venetia Bay Boulevard, Ste. 230, Venice. For more information, call 941-375-2171 or visit www.stellwagenandassociates.com.

Financial planning and investment advisory services are offered through Prosperity Capital Advisors (PCA), an SEC-registered investment adviser with its principal place of business in Ohio. Gerry Stellwagen is an Investment Advisor Representative of PCA in Florida.

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