Rock-n-Roll Magician Conjurs Up Anniversary Gift For Iconic Rock Royalty

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Rock-n-Roll Magician Conjurs Up Anniversary Gift For Iconic Rock Royalty

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July 3, 2015 – “I’m not gonna lie”, says Multi-Award Winning Close-Up Magician and Author Joel Givens, “This is the first time I’ve been nervous about a performance since I was 18-years old!”. Right now, Joel can very vividly remember the exact moment in time that he first heard that iconic 80’s Rock voice. It was like an Angel that was filled with teenaged angst! But, back then Ms Pat Benatar was only as real as the poster Joel had of her on his bedroom wall. Now, it was Joel….performing for HER!

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As a heavily decorated Vegas-Style Sleight-Of-Hand performer; Givens has spent the majority of his life getting to know people. I mean; REALLY getting to know people: when Godsmack’s Sully Erna will look away at the mention of a miscalled card, how long a quick surprise can occupy NBA Legend Michael Jordan’s attention while an unconscious thought is planted in his head, and how hard to press when you’re lifting the Governor Of North Carolina’s watch and wallet at a Raleigh political gathering to the laughter of everyone in the room BUT him! However, nothing he’d learned about people and human psychology for the purpose of magical misdirection was going to prepare him for a requested face-off backstage at The Carolina Theater on this first day of July 2015 as Givens came face-to-face with the famed Ms Pat Benatar and her Rock-N-Roll bad boy husband: guitarist Neil Giraldo as he was ushered in by the tour manager, Jimmy, to an awaiting, STILL incredibly gorgeous Pat and “Spyder” (as Neil is lovingly called). “Is this the guy?”, she asks. “Yes ma’am, Ms Benatar”, is the answer she hears from this talented N.C. Native; drenched with more Southern viscosity than an Alabama motor oil!

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After 25 solid minutes of pre-show prestidigitation, it was Mr Givens who left the best anniversary gift the couple has received on this 35th Anniversary Tour that marks not only their time together as bandmates; but a married couple, as well. As Joel finished up his signature effect of visually changing the U.S. Treasury signature on a borrowed dollar bill to an exact copy of the spectator’s ACTUAL signature, Pat laughingly said; “Joel, babe; you’ve got my head all kinds of messed up!” To which Joel replied with a parting hug; “Just don’t forget the lyrics, sweetheart! You’re my favorite female rocker of all time!”

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Givens, who is talked about amongst the stars of screen, sports and music; like Godsmack, Michael Jordan, Yes, Dan Akroyd, ZZ-Top, Kevin Costner, Train, Third Eye Blind, Like A Storm, Peyton Manning, Alice Cooper and others as the “Magic That Rocks”, is a triple-threat. Not only is he an Award Winning Magician, but he’s a brilliant comedian and music trivia encyclopedia! “I’m coming for you, Eddie Trunk!”, Joel snickers as he tells a reporter for the local news covering the show that evening. “It’s a dream of mine to perform for Eddie and a couple of his music guests on VH-1’s That Metal Show. I’m a huge fan!” Which is exactly why his precision, and extremely mind­-lethal artform fits PERFECTLY at ANY Rock Show. He is a fan first, and a brilliant performer as a result of this quiet, yet confident humility.

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