Interview with April Kirkwood about her debut book “The Endless Season” regarding her romantic association with Frankie Valli

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Interview with April Kirkwood about her debut book “The Endless Season” regarding her romantic association with Frankie Valli

March 28, 2014

Interview by: Don of Media

Coordinated by: Nicole Richards of BLINK PR

 (Introduction with information provided by the publicist, near verbatim and abridged.)

April Kirkwood met Frankie Valli as a child, and a friendship grew, which ultimately turned into a whirlwind romance. Kirkwood’s debut book entitled “The Endless Season” is the account of the best and worst years of  her life with Frankie Valli and what  she learned from giving her heart to a man who was never really hers. It’s also a multi-layered tale of dysfunctional families, mother-daughter relationships, and the long-lasting influence men with power can hold over the women in their lives.

Below is a passage from “The Endless Season”

“In 1969 I was barely twelve years old but already being groomed by my family, no less as a lifelong groupie for Frankie Valli. When I met him at a concert, of course I was too young for him to notice me, but I was a persistent girl. I went to all his shows, and I always got myself backstage. After a while he began to remember me. And then he got to know me and a whirlwind romance ensued…whenever he was in town at least. Through all the ups and downs of my life: relationships, divorce, having children, family issues my heart and mind always belonged to my first love, Frankie.  Even as the years passed and his fame waned, my burning love for him never died.”

Questions by


What was your fascination with Frankie Valli versus other performers?

I didn’t see any other performers.  By that I mean, it was only him.  The only explanation I can think of is that my Dad, who my mother divorced when I was two, was an Italian musician.  The typical Daddy Syndrome.  However, I did actually love him or what I thought was him. My biggest flaw is that I am dedicated long after I should have left.  Good for the men in my life; terrible for me.

What did family, friends think about this situation?

That is the the most interesting and twisted part of my story.  At first, they were amazed and had velvet suits made in his image.  They were unhappy, unfulfilled women that wanted to escape their lives and I was the closest thing to that ever happening.  I don’t think, except for my aunt and daughter many years later, that we made the connection it was sooooo damaging to my mental health.

Did you believe that any of the songs were written about you?

As a child, of course, I believed every thing he said on stage or behind. As I began to tour with him, crew would always giggle and ask me if the song, “My eyes adored you,”  was about me!  In a bus conversation, I remember Bob Gaudio telling me that nothing rhymed with APRIL.  So that pretty much put me straight.

Why did he keep in contact with you?

I see now in retrospect that at first he wanted me because it was pure ego and I was under age.  But after that, when I saw that he thought of me as more than a little girl, I have to say, the fires of hell, couldn’t keep me away.  From then on, it just kept going until I decided to leave for once and all, just a few years ago, I was done.

When did you realize it wasn’t a permanent thing?

When my boyfriend followed me to Chicago where I was with Frankie and he told Frankie we were married.  At that point, Frankie believed him and I thought that this wasn’t going to ever happen; still though I never gave it up completely.  After all he was lying and I was single.

Why are you writing this book?

I want women, young and old, to start to really think about why their present love lives aren’t going so well and to start to ask the right questions about their own life story.

Composing the book and reservations:

It took me a while since I started to ask the right questions and that included the views of family and friends around me from my past and in my present. It took longer between the unpeeling of my pain, which I still have residuals of.  It also affected my present relationship and what I intend to do with my future.

Resistance issues to publishing book:

I’ve tried to contact Frankie about the book to avoid any possible future issues and never heard back from him.  I did get a strange call from someone who said they had known Frankie for a long time and wanted to know what was in the book because he was thinking of writing one.  I never heard back from him after our first conversation.

Then I got a few calls for photos to back my story up, when I sent them; I never heard back. One was from L.A. and I won’t ever really know what was behind all of that.

I have faced two hindrances to this project: 

One – people only want to read the ugly, sexy parts about Frankie and I.  I refuse to do that.  It’s not a ‘trash’ Frankie Valli book.  This book could be about George Harrison, Justin Bieber, the president of IBM, or a high school coach.  It is NOT a trash Frankie book. Two:  The book itself is being revised before release with a few more lusty details but most importantly with part two and part three of healing issues for those who have difficulties maintaining a romantic relationship.

My hopes in publishing this book:

I think there’s a secret part of me that wanted to tell the world what Frankie Valli has done to me or should I say what I’ve allowed him to do. I really wanted to let others know the dangers of playing with powerful men and the numerous ways it affects the psyche. I would hope it would be a red flag for young parents who want their kids in the limelight.
I hope men in general realize what they are, perhaps unconsciously, capable of doing for sex or pleasure or the ego in general. I would like to establish my radio show and my stance as a coach for women who can’t seem to get their love lives in order. I wanted something left behind when I pass to tell my story.  I think finding real love is possible.


Sex is not love.
If a man wants you, he’ll come after you.
What’s going on now is a direct reflection of your past.
It’s take bravery to do the work, but it’s worth it.
Not everyone you loves is going to love you back.
Dating someone who is educated in time will be more important to you then dating someone handsome or successful.  Success is defined differently as you grow up.
Never ever be embarrassed by what you have done for love.
Money and class are NOT synonymous.
Never give up on yourself.
No regrets!

Motivation for multiple degrees:

My mother had a personality disorder and I needed these degrees to survive and learn.  Remember in the seventies, it wasn’t ‘cool’ or ‘acceptable’ to enter therapy.  Funny, as it seems though, with two masters in counseling and years of experience, I wasn’t ready to see the truth until the timing was right.  Until the student is ready, the master can’t give the lesson.  As much as I had ready, studied, and helped others, I couldn’t see the truth about my own love life. It was easier to blame everyone else then look in the mirror.

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