GEMMA & THE BEAR! Some Sleep Disorders Are Hairier Than Others

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Some Sleep Disorders Are Hairier Than Others

uly 9, 2015 — New York, NY: Your nightmares have never been this bold and bizarre. From the award-winning co-creative team of Eevin Hartsough and Kevin R. Free (Off-Broadway’s The Fantasticks), and directed by an award-winning filmmaker Matt Scott (Once A Loser, Cannes ’14) comes a new webseries GEMMA & THE BEAR. See the first trailer here (

Episode 1 & 2 Release date: July 6, 2015: YouTube Channel

GEMMA & THE BEAR is a modern, humorous twist on Jekyll & Hyde. Whenever nerdy-but-lovable Gemma goes to sleep, The Bear – a carpe diem-loving, fly-by-the-seat-of his pants gay, black man awakens in her place. As a bullied child, The Bear was Gemma’s protector, but now she’d like to have a boyfriend . . . and stop feeling so tired all the time. It’s a show about how what we think is our biggest weakness can actually be our greatest strength.

GEMMA & THE BEAR stars Hartsough (The Miracle Worker) as Gemma, and Free (The Fantasticks) as The Bear, also starring DeBargo Sanyal (The Magic of Belle Isle), Natalie Kim (Channel Frederator), JoJo Gonzalez (The Smurfs), Ray DeMattis (Grease; The Cosby Show), and featuring Marc Sinoway (Hunting Season).

The real standouts of the cast [of Cockfighters] … Hartsough, who displays great warmth beneath her surface of obligation and rebellion.” (Talkin’ Broadway)

“As Nemur [in Chasing Nicolette], Kevin R. Free’s outsized reactions give every line just the right touch and help make his character lovable.” (Talkin’ Broadway)

MYCARL PRODUCTIONS presents GEMMA & THE BEAR, created, produced, and written by EEVIN HARTSOUGH and KEVIN R. FREE produced by KATIE ROSIN, director of photography JASON WHITAKER, music by CARL RIEHL, MATTHEW KAJCIENSKI, JAMES TATE, & SPRINGBOARD TRACKS, directed and edited by MATT SCOTT.

EEVIN HARTSOUGH (Co-Creator, Gemma) is an award-winning writer and performer who debuted on Broadway as Helen Keller at age 10. Since graduating from Vassar, she has worked on a number of acting, writing, and directing projects in NYC and, including Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind and What The Time Traveler Will Tell Us, written and performed by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink, co-creators of Welcome To Night Vale.

KEVIN R. FREE (Co-Creator, The Bear) is an award-winning writer/performer/storyteller who has appeared on The Moth, Welcome to Night Vale, and Off-Broadway in several shows, including The Fantasticks. He has appeared on small screens on Law & Order: SVU, numerous commercials, and also on Michael Cyril Creighton’s web series Jack In A Box. Twitter: @kevinrfree

MATT SCOTT (Director) is an award-winning filmmaker whose most recent short film, Once A Loser, took him to Cannes in 2014. Other short films include The Bible Thumpers, The Last Laugh, Citizen Kane 3000, and Zaroff The Hunter. He is also the director of the web series With Friends Like These and The Spirit Seeker, starring Mary Birdsong.

JASON WHITAKER (Director of Photography), a graduate of Vancouver Film School’s Film Production program, is a freelance Director of Photography, Videographer, and Editor. His varied film and video production work has taken him to Nickelodeon and Syfy channel movie shoots in British Columbia, the sets of All My Children and One Life to Live in Stamford, CT, and corporate video shoots for many well known brands. He also has spent many summers teaching video production to kids at Creative Summer at the Mead School in Stamford, CT. He was also the Director of Photography on the first season of the comedy web series With Friends Like These.

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