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“Happy Feet” video still

WATCH: “Happy Feet”
PRE-SAVE: Poison Ivy
Today, Stockholm-based multi-disciplinary artist Yung Lean is sharing a new video. “Happy Feet” is co-directed by Marcus Söderlund and Jonatan Leandoer Håstad, and finds Lean exploring a barren circus wasteland, perfectly recreating the ominous sonics of the track. The song is set to be an anthemic Sadboy crowd-pleaser behind Lean’s droning vocals and a weighty beat.
Coinciding with the new video, Yung Lean is also announcing his new mixtape Poison Ivy, coming soon via YEAR0001. The forthcoming project is his first body of work since his 2017 album Stranger, as he and his Sadboy collective continue to solidify their place as innovators of both electronic and hip hop music.
The announcement also arrives in advance of Lean announcing his specially-curated event of live music and art, Wings of Desire. Set to take place at London’s Brixton Academy on November 21st, Bladee, Ecco2k, Thaiboy Digital and Whitearmor of Swedish crew Drain Gang, and experimental polymath Yves Tumor will be joining Lean for his biggest-ever headline show, with an exclusive AV show collaboration between Yves Tumor and Ezra Miller.
Watch “Happy Feet” above, see below for full mixtape details and Wings of Desire info, and stay tuned for more from Yung Lean coming very soon.
LISTEN: “Happy Feet”
Yung Lean
Poison Ivy
November 2, 2018
1. happy feet
2. friday the 13th
3. french hotel
4. silicon wings
5. ropeman
6. trashy
7. sauron
8. bender++girlfriend
About Poison Ivy:
Spawned from a nomadic upbringing in Vietnam and Belarus with a mother working with foreign relations for the Swedish government and father as poet/writer, Yung Lean seemed destined to seek out ways of finding common ground in new parts of the world.
Still merely 22 years of age, his tale is as unassuming as it is wildly exploratory, a contradictory narrative about a misfit stranger from nowhere who, together with his friends and producers GUD and Yung Sherman, became a worldwide phenomenon almost overnight – a protracted and at times grievous metamorphosis from pubertal, post-internet novelty to D.I.Y icon with an extensive, organic influence over anything and everything from off-beat art projects and mainstream culture alike.
From experimenting and recording in a high school computer lab to first hand encounters of the triumphs and tragedies of rockstar hyperbole, the mere 5 years passed since “Ginseng Strip 2002” saw the light of day have seen him set off on a seemingly genreless and open minded dispatch into the past, present and future of pop culture, an alternate reality where early internet aesthetics, late 90´s southern rap and a punk mindset all fuse perfectly together.
The momentum born from the gentle, abstract touch of his first tracks were swiftly embodied by “Kyoto”, electrified by “Yoshi City”, deconstructed via “Hoover” and then re-animated by “Red Bottom Sky”; emerging each time perhaps not rejuvenated but in many ways re-invented, his trademark lethargic flow and singular lyrical content elevated and seamlessly integrated with GUD, Yung Sherman and Whitearmor´s resourceful and labelfree sonic scenery.
Sold-out tours around the globe, Grammy awards, ballet show co-creation, Converse collaborations and the Sadboys Gear fashion venture aside; Yung Lean always gravitates towards the studio context, working in isolation and staying ahead of the curve with his long-standing collaborators – this time, a few weeks at a remote estate outside Stockholm together with producer Whitearmor bred his latest offering, Poison Ivy.
The eight track project exhibits a kaleidoscope-like experience with Lean´s vocals swerving from razor sharp to corrupted and garbled over organic hybrid beats propelled in slow motion, a renaissance ride through a post hip-hop landscape utilising a vast array of musical influence, compressing them into a unclassifiable yet irresistible sonic pearl.
Poison Ivy (YR0065) will be released on November 2nd 2018 through YEAR0001 featuring exclusive production by Whitearmor, art direction/design by ECCO2k, illustrations by Georg Nordmark and original photographs by Isabella Simone Vega.
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