Urbanite Theatre: Auditions for REBORNING and ISAAC’S EYE, Monday, April 13 5pm-10pm; AEA Special Appearance Level II, and Non-Equity Contracts Available ($200-$334/week)

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Auditions for REBORNING and ISAAC’S EYE

Monday, April 13 5pm-10pm

AEA Special Appearance Level II, and Non-Equity Contracts Available ($200-$334/week)
Audition location: Urbanite Theatre, 1487 Second Street, Sarasota FL 34237   Email [email protected] for a time slot on April 13th between 5-10pm.

You must have a time slot in order to audition.
NOTE: Actors should only attend if they specifically fit one of the types listed. This is not a monologue audition or open call. Prepare to read sides for the character you are auditioning for, a reader will be provided for you. Please familiarize yourself with the play.

We sincerely appreciate that there may be actors who want to be seen who aren’t right for these characters, but there will be an additional opportunity for that soon.

Click Here for Audition Information

Reborning, by Zayd Dohrn FULL SCRIPT PDF

Directed by Brendon Fox
Contract dates: May 19 – July 5
Must also be available July 13-Aug 2


KELLY: Female, 20’s.  Intense, seemingly jaded doll-maker. Has the soul of an artist in her, as well as a dry sense of humor covering her vulnerability. Tends not to care what she looks like or often what other people think about her. Needs Daizy in her life but is uncomfortable with that. KELLY SIDE ONE   KELLY SIDE TWO


EMILY: Female, 40’s. Successful lawyer. Very put together on the surface. Obsessed with obtaining a replica of her lost child. Develops a maternal interest in Kelly while pushing her to make her doll extremely lifelike. EMILY SIDE ONE   EMILY SIDE TWO


DAIZY: Male, 20s. Cast.

Isaac’s Eye by Lucas Hnath  FULL SCRIPT PDF

Directed by Vincent Carlson-Brown
Contract Dates: July 21 – September 6


ISAAC NEWTON: Young man, in his 20s. Fiercely intelligent, brilliant, witty. Socially awkward/inept/stunted. Honest to a fault. Charismatic. Would be excellent if he had a shock of platinum blonde hair.  ISAAC SIDE ONE     ISAAC SIDE TWO


ROBERT HOOKE: Older man, in his 40s. Smart, studied, educated. Meticulous. Selfish. Possessing a self-righteous air of entitlement, superiority. Would be excellent if he had a priggish 17th century beard.  ROBERT SIDE ONE    ROBERT SIDE TWO


CATHERINE: Woman, in her 20s-30s. Naturally beautiful, not so by affectation. Warm, and caring, but wise too. Loyal to a fault, but self-aware. Something inside is hurt, pained, and continuously so. Must appear about ten years older than Isaac.  CATHERINE SIDE ONE    CATHERINE SIDE TWO


ACTOR/DYING MAN NAMED SAM: Man, older than Isaac. Genuine. Knowing. Simple and Honest. Honesty is paramount. But also mischievous and mysterious. Everyman, but can play “character” well. Would be excellent if he looked like Isaac’s older brother, or better yet, and older version of Isaac himself. ACTOR SIDE ONE    ACTOR SIDE TWO



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