Transformational Trainer Adam Markel, author of the upcoming book, “PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life”

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Pivot is a term used in Silicon Valley and throughout the business world to change something that isn’t working into a success. It’s also a basketball move that allows a player to get a 365-degree view before making a move. Transformational Trainer Adam Markel, author of the upcoming book, “PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life” explains the science behind creating “massively positive change in your life or your business” – and how small adjustments lead to big changes down the road.

Want Change? Use a March Madness Move — Pivot!

Adam knows how to create massive change. Married with four kids and running a high-powered Manhattan law firm, he had achieved the American Dream of financial success but was getting worn to a frazzle working 70 to 80 hours a week, sometimes even sleeping in his office. Dreading each new day and facing the risk of a heart attack, he turned his life around using the skills he outlines in “PIVOT.” Today, Adam is CEO of New Peaks, (formerly Peak Potentials™) one of the world’s leading human potential training firms that’s trained over 1 million people in 104 countries.

In interviews and call-in shows, Adam shares skills from his 21-Day PIVOT Plan – a Practice for Change to help people pivot for success – small changes that lead to transformation, including:

Step 1: Clean Your Windshield: Seeking change we often aim small and miss because we’ve succumbed to “selective blindness” that prevents us from seeing ourselves anew and feeling “that sense of possibility that we all felt at one time in our lives,” Adam says. He explains how to regain clarity through a practice he calls “the windshield” – clearing away the buildup from life experiences, attitudes and habits – the “grime of life” – that prevents us from seeing clearly.

Step 2: Change Your Beliefs: “Every pivot begins with changing what you believe. No, you don’t have to take on a new faith or abandon an old one. But you do have to change the way you think.” Begin by challenging myths you’ve told yourself, facing fear and getting clear about what you really want. Adam explains “6 Steps to Clarity” ­ ­including how to “un-believe” 6 myths that keep us from changing.

Step 3: Create Pivoting Behaviors: “Change your behaviors with a goal of building momentum in your pivot…Building momentum helps you move steadily ahead, recover from setbacks, and deal with the practical challenges of transforming your life.” Adam explains the 5 principles for building momentum: Baby steps, ritual, “Pivot people,” resilience and growth.

ABOUT: Transformational Trainer Adam Markel is CEO of New Peaks, one of the world’s leading human potential training companies, and author of the new book, “PIVOT: Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life” (Simon & Schuster, Spring 2016). Adam brings his expert experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, business and personal and professional reinvention.


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