Tom Matrullo of Citizens for Sarasota County (CSC) comments on Sarasota Commissioner Christian Ziegler’s emotional response

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Commissioner Ziegler:

Instead of throwing a tantrum, as a public official why don’t you calmly collect your thoughts and share the actual reasoning behind your outburst with your constituency? Easier for you to go "emo" instead? Easier to just Rumble, or Bumble on, rather than take a responsible position on human sexuality? Without reason, speech is not political, it’s just rant.

Very truly yours,

Tom Matrullo

Citizens for Sarasota County (CSC) is a coalition founded in 2014 to promote ethical, responsive government that preserves and enhances Sarasota’s unique natural environment and cultural heritage while building a sound local economy based on effective stewardship and innovation.

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Shameful. Fight Back.

As the father of 3 young girls – 2 of which are playing sports – this is the hill I am willing to die on. Which is why I won’t sit back and be silent as women watch their opportunity to compete and win in sports be eliminated.

What happened last night (more info below the photo) to Sarasota’s Olympic Silver Medalist Swimmer – Emma Weyant – was unfair, ridiculous, disgusting, sick and infuriating.

And until we stand up and fight against this nonsense, it will only continue.

-Christian Ziegler

This is Sarasota County’s own Emma Weyant. She was robbed on national tv last night.

Emma – an Olympic Silver Medalist Swimmer – currently attends the University of Virginia where last night she was awarded the 2nd place trophy in the NCAA D-1 WOMENS National Championship 500 Freestyle Event, even though she was the FIRST & FASTEST FEMALE to finish.

How is that possible? Well… the NCAA allowed a MALE – who research shows was no better ranked than 400th in male swimming – to compete in a WOMENS Championship Meet. And he ended up swimming faster than every other girl last night.

Beyond sham. This is sad, gross, ridiculous, shameful and infuriating.

The girls competing last night have spent their entire lives working towards a goal. Early morning & late night practices, weekend swim meets, missed family & friend moments, etc. and then the NCAA decided to change the rules on them and eliminate the hopes and dreams they worked so hard to achieve.

We cannot allow this to continue to happen and we must make it clear that we expect every candidate and elected official to stand a strong stance in supporting of Saving Womens Sports!

Watch for this issue as elections approach and demand to hear concrete positions on this issue.

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