The Elders call on world leaders to change the future at COP21 – A video call to action

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Leaders from all over the world will arrive in Paris this weekend to participate in the most important climate summit yet: COP21.

The stakes couldn’t be higher and to highlight the cause and focus everyone’s minds on the critical job in hand, The Elders have produced a short 2-minute film. It is a call to action for all leaders, and especially those attending the Conference in Paris.

Watch the video now

We would ask you watch and to share this simple, powerful video on your networks to ensure the message reaches all participants.

The video features four of The Elders: 

Mr. Kofi Annan – Chair of The Elders
President Jimmy Carter
President Mary Robinson
President Ernesto Zedillo

Quotes from the film:

Mary Robinson says of her five grandchildren: “I like to think that they’ll look back 35 years to 2015 and say, “Thank goodness, they made the decisions that put us on a better course, where we would be safe beneath 2 degrees Celsius.””

Kofi Annan on future generations: “I cannot say that I am very proud of what my generation has done and what we’re going to leave them.  We still have time to do something and we cannot afford to fail.”

Without a legal, international, fair and equitable agreement, future generations will not be living in a safe world. A shift towards renewable energy is essential for a sustainable world.

It is important that all of us to work together to ensure our leaders make ambitious climate commitments in the interests of all our global grandchildren. Now. Not Tomorrow.


The Elders Foundation

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