StackShare DevOps Tools Index: Top Tools Enterprise CTOs Need to Know

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Why are enterprises scared of DevOps?

Many legacy enterprises think DevOps are not for them, citing security, compliance, and management issues. Others simply don’t know where to start.

Enter StackShare [ ]—one of the world’s largest developer communities, with 100,000+ CTOs and developers sharing and discussing their tech stacks, including developers from enterprises like Capitol One, Starbucks, Intuit, and Intel.

Stackshare is a great way for CTOs at enterprises to start exploring which DevOps tools are right for them, and they’ve made it even easier to start with the StackShare DevOps Tools Index.

To compile the StackShare DevOps Tools Index, StackShare conducted original research on which DevOps tools are most widely used right now, and which are most in-demand by recruiters.


>> Top 10 Most Popularly Used DevOps Tools
(ranked by the number of stacks containing each tool)

1. GitHub (7,800 stacks) []
2. New Relic (4,070) []
3. Docker (3,980) []
4. npm (3,760) []
5. Bitbucket (3,180) []
6. Gulp (2,460) []
7. Webpack (2,000) []
8. Vagrant (1,880) []
9. GitLab (1,670) []
10. Travis CI (1,420) []

>> Top 5 Most In-Demand DevOps Tools by Recruiters
(ranked by the total number of job openings that list each tool as a required skill)

1. Docker (1,260 job openings) []
2. GitHub (1,120) []
3. Ansible (517) []
4. Webpack (271) []
5. Gulp (239) []


To find number of stacks, companies, open jobs, and integrations for any tool, visit, and enter the name of your tool.

For more details on enterprises can use StackShare to decide which DevOps tools to integrate into their businesses.

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