Semiviral: Intense, Cinematic New Novel, Hailed “Raw & Honest” by Critics, Pits Unlikely Hero against Brutal Cannibal Virus. Curious? Read On!

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Semiviral: Intense, Cinematic New Novel, Hailed “Raw & Honest” by Critics, Pits Unlikely Hero against Brutal Cannibal Virus. Curious? Read On!


Masterfully crafted by Jax Anderson, ‘Semiviral’ blends a cocktail of modern-day social issues with a unique brand of fiction in order to prove humanity’s innate power and ability to emerge victorious from discord. The protagonist is a cage-fighting sex trade entrepreneur, about to take on a whole new role as the onslaught of a brutal cannibal virus becomes more than just a threat. He’s got to repair the torn relationship with his brother, re-establish roots with God and protect friends old and new from his past. It’s no wonder readers are calling it a “Pretty twisted and somewhat graphic. Interesting concept”.


Ogden, Utah – While most authors use their first novel to do nothing but simply test the literary waters, Jax Anderson is rapidly proving that a debut release is also an opportunity to rival the bestsellers. Anderson’s creation is dark, disturbing, unconventional yet undeniably ground-breaking and thought-provoking.

It’s titled ‘Semiviral’; a fast-paced journey through society, its plagues and the unlikely heroes who can emerge to try and keep humanity alive. One thing is for sure, it will leave readers with plenty to think about.


Cage fighter Mathew Stemp is known as a hero to some, a criminal to others, and a legend to all who live in northern Utah. As a cannibal virus spreads internationally, the world is torn between Exterminationists and Curists, and Mathew leaves his prostitution business to repair his relationship with his brother and his God. But his journey becomes even more difficult when he meets Shaylee, the victim of both the virus and his brother’s bullying.  While battling his ongoing depression, Matt fights to protect his friends from his past in SemiViral.

“I wanted to write something that would grip readers and force them to reconsider every shred of their existence,” explains Anderson. “So rather than releasing a story of thoroughbred fiction, I knew I had to create something with pertinence to the real world. That’s why I mixed in a host of different social issues such as high school bullying, depression and the struggle millions face to maintain a relationship with God.”

Continuing, “The result is something slightly off-the-wall yet incredibly profound and evocative. It’s a diverse narrative unlike anything else on the market and will help readers truly understand that, while they may just be one person out of billions, they have the power to positively impact the world.”

Readers agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews. One Amazon customer comments, “Pretty twisted and somewhat graphic. Interesting concept…Takes place in Ogden UT. It’s a must buy for any Ogden local. Read it to your kids!”

Ali Nazarenus adds, “So exciting and keeps you on your toes! Raw and honest! A must read!”

‘Semiviral’, from Green Ivy, is available now:



About the Author:

Jax Anderson got his start in writing when he began keeping a journal as a kid. Rather than writing the embarrassing truth, he chose to twist it into something less humiliating. Over the years, he learned to twist his stories into something more interesting. Jax Anderson married God’s greatest gift to mankind in 2014.

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