Roan Yellowthorn’s JACKIE MCLEAN Releases Extremely Personal Song Following Lifelong Emotional Abuse from her Father

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The Song Confronts the Pain of Feeling Inadequate
With ‘Not Enough’ Songwriter McLean Pulling From Her Own Life Story Following Emotional Abuse at the Hand of her Parent

“…to anyone who has ever believed that they aren’t enough. You are enough. You are more than enough. Just the way that you are.” – Jackie McLean/Roan Yellowthorn

(Los Angeles, CA) November 17, 2020 – Blue Élan Records is proud to release the newest single, “I’m Enough”, from the singer/songwriter duo, ROAN YELLOWTHORN. The song, written this summer, is deeply personal to Camden, Maine born frontwoman, Jackie McLean. McLean adopted the moniker, Roan Yellowthorn, in part to separate herself from her famous father but also, to attempt to heal from the wounds of a very troubled childhood filled with verbal and emotional abuse that continued as a young adult.

As McLean has recently revealed, both in print and via her socials, her childhood was marked by frequent run-ins with her musician father where the young daughter was subjected to mental and emotional abuse. Using the scars of those memories, and with the hopes of helping other young people who may, themselves, be the victims of domestic abuse at the hand of a parent, McLean channels her own process of healing and rebuilding her own sense of self-worth.

With the opening lyric, “Am I pretty enough?” McLean reveals an insecurity that has prevented her from living her truth for years: her body image. “I try to speak my mind, I try to take it slow, I’m trying hard to find the place, My heart wants me to go” she continues, “It’s been a long long time, It’s been a long hard road, But finally I am feeling sure of what I know”. The song is an autobiographical look into overcoming thoughts of self-doubt and insecurity that McLean has felt her entire life.

Explains McLean, “Writing about my experiences was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. But the response has been mind-blowing. People from far and wide have reached out to me. And I’ve realized that I am not alone in the experiences I’ve had. None of us are. Once we start to talk about what we’ve lived through, it’s clear – the only thing that isolates us is silence.”

ROAN YELLOWTHORN’s talented frontwoman, Jackie McLean, accompanied by producer, multi-instrumentalist and partner, Shawn Strack, delivers ethereal indie-rock songs with a singer/songwriter heart. Their arresting sound, innovative collaborative process, and undeniable talent, make ROAN YELLOWTHORN poised to become one of the most compelling acts of their generation. With tendrils in pop, rock, indie, and folk, their music is at once familiar and like no other music today. Their new album, produced by John Agnello (Dinosaur JR, Sonic Youth) is set for release in late spring, 2021.

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