Review of Interruption (Afvej) at the Sarasota Film Festival #SFF2015

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By: Marijke
Interruption is a Danish narrative with English sub titles showing what emotional strain a woman goes thru when wanting and getting an abortion.  The lead character, herself being a doctor is shown in most of the scenes only with head shots from the shoulders up.  It seems that the film maker had no concept of what it was like to show a total scene in a frame as so much of the narrative was close up after close up after close up.  The writer found this rather annoying as the full feeling of the surroundings, when the lead character was buy herself, (and at times even with others in the scene) just were not there.  It gave the appearance of being cut off of the full emotional intent of all of the body movements that go with facial expression when a character is troubled or strained.
When the end of the film came —it was abrupt !!  The lead character, with her two other children standing in front of an aquarium.  Then nothing.  Someone in the audience – a male audience person—called out and said “ is that all ?”  And that is exactly the way the writer felt as well.  There was no follow thru on how the incident of having had an abortion without first telling her husband would effect their family life or for that matter her in the long run, or what societal impacts this type of medical procedure has on a person.  Nothing.  Boom, just end.  Very unsatisfactory for the audience.
Interruption (Afvej)
Feature | 50 Min
Marie is juggling a demanding job as an oncologist along with her hectic family life, seemingly in total control. When she finds out she’s pregnant with her third child, she handles it with her customary efficiency. But the reality behind the mask reveals a different story.

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Film Info
Genre: Narrative
English Title: Interruption
Original Title: Afvej
Category: Narrative Feature
Through Women’s Eyes
Release Year: 2014
Runtime: 50 minutes
Type of Film: Narrative Feature
Through Women’s Eyes
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Production Country: Denmark
Original Language: Danish
Subtitles: English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast: Tuva Novotny
Benjamin Kitter
Sebastian Teschemacher
Cornelia Palm Uldbjerg
Biljana Stojkoska
Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum
Søren Spanning
Johanne Louise Schmidt
Thomas Hwan
Director: Malou Reymann
Produced By: Line Sander Egede
René Ezra
Tomas Radoor
Screenwriter: Malou Reymann
Cinematography: Jasper J. Spanning
Editing By: Carla Luffe
Music By: August Rosenbaum
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