Review of “Breakfast At Ina’s”, with Director, Mercedes Kane and Producer, Mercedes Kane, Sanghoon Lee at the Sarasota Film Festival

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Breakfast At Ina’s
Director, Mercedes Kane
Producer, Mercedes Kane, Sanghoon Lee
After 33 years of operating her restaurant business, Ina Pinkney decides to shut it down and move on with her life. This touching documentary covers the last 30 days of its operation as the beloved restaurateur, her clients, employees and eating critics reflect on the events that shaped her life and her famous Chicago eatery.
A Jewish, middle-class woman from Brooklyn, Ida took her love for baking to a whole new level and turned the concept of breakfast eateries into a phenomenal experience where patrons eat foods that was just comforting as the warm woman who greeted them at the door. To get to that place, however, Ida had to overcome the debilitating effects of post-polio syndrome, the challenges of an interracial marriage in the turbulent 1960’s, and master the art on entrepreneurship after being fired from 19 out of 21 jobs. Now, having fulfilled her greatest dreams and accomplished enormous success, Ida’s greatest new challenge is to overcome the fear of growing old alone. Viewers are left with the optimistic feeling that she’ll triumph in this area of her life, as well.

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