Personal Healthcare is Being Disrupted By Startup That Will Reveal the Chemical Effect of What Consumers Eat, Drink and Inhale

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The personal healthcare industry is being disrupted by MyDx, Inc. (OTCQB: MYDX), a science and technology company that has created a unique smartphone device for analyzing the chemical content of what consumers eat, drink and inhale. This year’s water crisis in Flint, Michigan or the massive gas leak in Porter Ranch, California has proven that consumers must have a way to take charge of their own health by analyzing anything and everything before it is consumed.  The patented device is being developed to tell you everything from the chemical toxicity of water to the THC levels of cannabis, which is the first market MyDx is pursuing due to the industry’s rapid growth and high demand for an practical and cost-effective testing device such as the one being offered by MyDx.

MyDx was founded by a former Pfizer scientist and Panasonic technology and market developer, Daniel Yazbeck, who was very concerned about the millions of dangerous chemicals surrounding our daily lives, including the growing number of pesticides that are sprayed all over most fruits and vegetables.

Pesticides are among the most damaging chemicals we encounter everyday. The World Heath Organization has linked the world’s most popular pesticide to cancer. At the same time, studies show that organic foods have fewer pesticides and contain higher levels of antioxidants. But not all foods are labeled honestly. How can you trust and verify what you’re buying – and more importantly, what you are eating – if you don’t actually know what chemical are inside your food?

Mr. Yazbeck plans to solve that problem with MyDx. It is the only handheld chemical analyzer that will allow consumers to quickly, easily and affordably test the safety and composition of the things that go into our bodies.

After licensing technology developed and deployed on the NASA space shuttle to detect chemical leaks for astronauts, and spending over $7 million of its own research and development dollars to make it consumer ready, MyDx is now focused on exiting the lab and entering full global commercialization.  The Company will have first-mover advantage in the chemical detection space by developing the only low-cost handheld analyzer designed to complement expensive, time-consuming laboratory tests (which can cost several thousand dollars and do not offer a practical solution for consumers). And consumers are definitely taking notice based on the Company’s recently announced $4 million distribution agreement targeting the cannabis market.  This follows its initial revenues of close to $219,000 in its first quarter of sales, which was generated almost exclusively from direct to consumer online sales following a modest marketing campaign. The Company is positioned for substantial growth in the coming quarters as it ramps-up its marketing program and it becomes more readily available through new distribution channels.  Looking ahead, MyDx expects to achieve not only significant revenue growth but profitability as well in the current year.

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