Interview with Patrick Kilpatrick: In 170 films and hit TV shows; a Lead Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer and Founder of Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc.

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January 7, 2019

With all your experiences leading up to the following question: When did you know you wanted to become an actor and how were you able to tie into all professions in the entertainment industry and earn all titles?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) July 17, 1984. lol I actually know the date because until then I wanted only to be a journalist and writer. But the I been a correspondent in South America, an on-air reporter, freelance and staff for nearly every magazine in New York, so I was looking for a new challenge and I found myself by destiny running around with NY acting elite. People like Richard Dreyfus, Frank Langella, Blythe Danner and I began assistant directing on Broadway and West End of London shows directed by a great stage director John Tillinger. So I wrote a play, founded a theater company and things took off. So its always been performance, writing, directing and producing.

If you had to choose the top 5 professions that you are involved with in order of preference, how would each one rate?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) Acting, writing, teaching, producing, directing and citizen. No particular order, I just try to do each in the best way I know how as they come up every day.

What was the most difficult scene you had to do in a movie and how was it resolved?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) I’ve done so many difficult scenes in so many movies after 18 hour day intense work. You’re utterly exhausted much of the time and you merely soldier on, knowing we often do our finest work when we are apparently empty and this is important – our sense of limitation is often very inaccurate. Elite warriors realize and train for that – its true of all of us. We are capable of many times our perceived limitations. Where there is a will, there is a way. And God, the universe, whatever you call it, never asks too much of us. So ties these difficulties are resolved by triumph and courage – very necessary in many walks of life.

What was the funniest experience you had while acting?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) Two areas – stage work with real pros – you get so good and familiar that you can do terrible practical jokes on each other and it doesn’t throw your concentration off. The funniest job I ever had was Tour of Duty, the Viet Nam TV show. It was all men and we did horrible politically incorrect things to each other all the time. It was very bonding in love.

What advice would have given your younger self that you now know?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) Change agents more often. Start writing low budget films rather than big budget stories. Just film. Get out and film.

Why is it important for you to publish “Dying for Living: Sins & Confessions of a Hollywood Villain & Libertine Patriot”?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) Because I’m a writer, with a unique upbringing background and behind the scenes intel on Hollywood and every star and production talent for the last thirty years. A frontline captain in the entertainment wars. Also I’m a scoundrel and a gobbler of life. Also its a pleasure to do something unconnected to film finance and working with squads of egoist maniacs and brain dead dildo cretins. lol You’ll need to read the book. adventurous and insightful, a wild cool tale.

What do you hope others take away from it?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) Hilarious entertainment, the candid self indulgence and brilliant craft nature of Hollywood, the ability to triumph over one’s own brutal challenges to achieve one’s dreams.

What advice would you give a person trying to get in to any one of those disciplines you have so masterfully been part of?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) Contact me on FB or social media. We, myself and my film company Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc. run a program to help people swiftly get working on an A-list level without being taken to the cleaners by charlatans. You have a choice, wander in the wilderness which is time wasting and expensive or be sent to excellence.

What are some of your current projects?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) I’m an actor in CATALYST playing a pedophile priest, NIGHT WALK, coming out soon. I’m currently polishing Dying for Living: Showbiz – Wasted Talent in the Valley of Debacle. My film company has several big budget projects slate for production.

What are 5 questions would you want asked of you, that haven’t been asked before and what would be their responses?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) You are being greedy. lol

Do I believe in God?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) Yes, emphatically.

Why do I like guns?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) It’s my nature to love learning new things, new skills, and I’m good at competitive shooting. It must be my warrior Sons of the American Revolution heart. I’m a very disinterested golfer.

What is your greatest creative achievement?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) My sons – both fine young men.

What is your chief goal?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) To have everything that comes from my mind and skill be the finest it can be. To experience joy as much as possible before I leave the earth. To shepherd the UDF projects to full global realization dramatically and economically.

What are you most proud of?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) I’m proud of the fact that we’ve made money for every film investor with whom we’ve done business. I’m proud of the volume of my work and the diversity of the forms.

What are some of the causes you care about and their websites?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) Disabled Veterans of America – DVA.
I care about the future of America, the ecology of the ocean, defense and kindness to animals and children. They all need our attention and love. We all need to be a bit more empathetic and mindful. There are a multitude of great organizations out there. I’ve helped out in many directions and always when asked.

How can others keep informed of your ongoing adventures and to learn more?
(Patrick Kilpatrick) All over social media – simply Google me … very accessible –



Night Walk

Active Shooter

Kennedy Center Features “An Evening With Patrick Kilpatrick”


Hollywood heavyweight, Patrick Kilpatrick, releases paperback version of his searing and scandalous literate look behind a successful career as the entertainment industry’s go-to antagonist, and juicy unprecedented celebrity tales – all the while intricately weaving in brazen patriotism and unparalleled humor.

Boulevard Books releases paperback copy of DYING FOR LIVING by Patrick Kilpatrick, one of the finest screen and television character actors of his generation. Patrick Kilpatrick has played against a broad spectrum of Hollywood’s leading action heroes including Tom Cruise (in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report), as well as Bruce Willis, Naomi Watts, Christopher Walken, Joaquin Phoenix, Sean Connery, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pam Grier, Bruce Dern, Mira Sorvino, Meg Ryan, Katherine Heigl, and many others. Apart from acting, Patrick has enjoyed a successful career as an esteemed writer and ad creator for Time Magazine, The New York Times, People, Interview, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy, to name a few.

Kilpatrick is a veteran of 170 films and hit TV shows as lead actor, screenwriter, director, producer – from Steven Spielberg’s MINORITY REPORT with Tom Cruise to James Cameron’s DARK ANGEL with Jessica Alba, LAST MAN STANDING with Bruce Willis, 24 with Kiefer Sutherland and everything – high to low – in between. I have also written for nearly every magazine in New York – LIFE to TIME, INTERVIEW to PLAYBOY – as well as a multitude of ad agencies. I’ve served as director/assistant director off and on Broadway and been a guest lecturer at Hampton-Sydney College, the University of Wisconsin and been an invited Masters Class instructor at the New York Film Academy.

Published by Boulevard Books (NYC) the scintillating memoir launched at The National Press Club and the Kennedy Performing Arts Center on Oct. 3rd. Kilpatrick made appearances on FOX and ABC in D.C. – links below and was the headliner at a Boulevard Books Writers’ Event at Barnes and Nobles Union Square in Manhattan on Nov. 17th.

Book readings are scheduled at Dark Delicacies on January 12th, Book Soup on January 18th, Burbank Barnes and Nobles March 23rd, Dallas, Phoenix, Coral Gables Jan- Feb.

Vol 2 is due out Feb. 14th.

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