Imaginative and mythic, Cali Sky and the Muses Nine is a coming-of-age tale from Joe Ladbroke

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Cali Sky And The Muses Nine: A Memorable And Inspiring Coming-Of-Age Tale

North Palm Beach, FL, March 17, 2015 – Imaginative and mythic, Cali Sky and the Muses Nine is a coming-of-age tale from Joe Ladbroke.

When nine-year-old Cali Sky Braithewaite discovers an acoustic guitar mysteriously left in her bedroom closet, the muses descend, possessing her for the next fifteen years, tantalizing her with visions of a musical ideal.

By 1980 disco was dead, punk had reared its pissed-off head, New Wave had washed ashore, and Cali Sky remained oblivious to it all, thanks to her protective parents. Until she meets Brodie, who knocks on her door one day with a self-assured smile and a Pee Chee folder adorned with the handwritten names of the latest countercultural bands. She teaches him how to play guitar, he introduces her to KROQ-FM and the musical underground spreading all around her parents’ southern California home.

Together they explore the possibilities of their instruments and the limits of friendship as they seek inspiration, rooted in Cali Sky’s beauty-pained visions as well as her discoveries of the unexpected intersections between rock and roll and her parents’ hidden past.

Within a framework of Greek and Roman mythology, Ladbroke spins a classic rock-and-roll fable. His elaborate writing style complements the tone, sometimes adopting the cynical voice of youth against older generations, other times assuming the voice of adulation, paying homage to music history. The result is an unforgettable story of talent, inspiration and heartbreak.

Joe Ladbroke is a literature professor and amateur musician who has lived in Las Vegas, London and Southern California. He currently resides on the east coast of Florida.

Cali Sky and the Muses Nine
Joe Ladbroke

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