“Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse” by Brian J. Willett is a Double Board Certified attorney in both criminal and juvenile law

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A Bad Choice Made As A Teen Shouldn’t Determine Whether We Succeed Or Fail Throughout Life

Bedford, TX, November 6, 2014 – When we’re young we often do things we later regret. But nothing can ruin a person’s chance for a great job, buying a house, or getting custody of their children quite like a criminal history. This is especially true nowadays when all anyone needs is access to a computer to search police records, so it’s imperative a criminal history be eliminated.

Brian J. Willett is a Double Board Certified attorney in both criminal and juvenile law who happens to be one of only ten among 85,000 attorneys in the state of Texas with this qualification. He understands the many ways kids can get into trouble but other than hiring an attorney, what options do parents have when legal issues arise? His latest book, Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse (Outskirts Press), devotes an entire section to eliminating criminal records and is a highly effective resource that puts expert legal advice at a parent’s fingertips!

Willett’s book offers a common sense approach to understanding the Texas Criminal Justice system, with examples to illustrate complex situations, and covers every possible scenario from DWIs and drug or weapon charges to sexual offenses and family assaults. This trusted expert in criminal and juvenile law provides practical advice on many serious issues, and his book is packed with tips that also helps parents better educate their children on how the criminal justice system works.

Brian Willett has defended more than 6,000 criminal and juvenile law cases and tried in excess of 250 criminal and juvenile law offenses in his 20-year career. He has served as both a government and private attorney, and has been recognized as a Top 100 Attorney by the National Trial Lawyers, a Texas Super Lawyer and a Top Tarrant County attorney.

A graduate of the University of Iowa and Memphis State University School of Law, Brian Willett received an undergraduate degree in Biology/Education and served as a teaching and research assistant while attending the University of Iowa. He is an in-demand speaker who is often asked to speak at legal educational seminars. He has been published in the Voice for the Defense – a magazine and online resource that educates and improves communication within the criminal defense community, as well as a writer for Blind Justice, a quarterly newsletter.

For more information on Brian Willett or his book, please visit: www.brianwillett.com.

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse
Outskirts Press (Third edition, May 3, 2014)
ISBN-13: 978-1478730149
Available at Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1kB015c



Excerpt from a five-star review on Amazon.com:

“…Often most of us go through our day clueless of the laws that govern us. I read that we may routinely commit 3 felonies a day because of all the laws and regulations that are imposed on us…In Brian Willett’s [book] he updates his earlier two versions to give the reader a broad understanding of the law and its implications…Willett does a good job of writing scenarios of John Public and what happen to him. You soon realize that often bad things happen to good people and a series of events can trigger a spiral downward. Of course Willett notes this does not replace a need for an attorney, it merely gives you a foundation to work with. But in our litigious society it is not a bad idea to have one around you can trust because ignorance of the law is no excuse. This book is a good read and valuable tool for the average citizen.”



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