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“Healing the Hidden Wounds” of our Veterans with Holistic Wellness and TM

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Reposted with permission, January 17, 2019

History tells many stories – Christa Dowling


Christa Dowling is an experienced media executive, clear communicator and specializes in cross-cultural activities within strategic alliances.

In her field of expertise as a journalist and editor-in-chief she has worked for different publications in various cultures and countries in Europe and Middle East, among them are Conde Nast and Springer Verlag, Berlin, both based in Germany. She successfully launched VOGUE in Germany and several of other projects for publication.

Christa’s deep commitments are Women’s Rights and Human Rights and she is an enthusiastic advocate for cultural endeavors. including literature, art, classical music, movies, theater. She was educated in Germany and the United States, and resides in New York City.

Her training in leadership, teamwork, networking and outreach skills has given her the expertise to develop multi-national services in advising clients by solving problems with vision and concepts. Her multi-linguistic ability coupled with her deep interest in people has assisted her in building many contacts at the highest levels in business, arts and government.

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