GAMA UNDERWRITES THREE GUITARS FOR VETS SITES; GAMA makes three year commitment to sites in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee

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GAMA makes three year commitment to sites in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee


Dallas, TX, (4 October 2017) – The Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) has committed to a three year plan to donate funds and lend support to the Guitar For Vets (G4V) program. GAMA will adopt chapters in Milwaukee, Nashville and Los Angeles as “GAMA Chapters”. G4V opened the Nashville chapter in 2016 with GAMA’s support, and the new LA chapter will open next month because of the 2017 grant. GAMA has supported G4V since 2015.


G4V is dedicated to sharing the healing power of music with Veterans suffering from combat related injuries and emotional stress, particularly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Veterans are typically referred to the program by a mental health provider and all necessary equipment is provided free of charge. The volunteer-led, weekly private lessons are based on a curriculum designed to allow veterans to learn at their own pace and accommodate physical and emotional challenges. Upon completion of the program, each veteran is provided with a new acoustic guitar with all of the accessories needed to continue playing. Monthly group lessons are available for current and past participants to continue their music-making journey.


President Smith says, “GAMA is thrilled to deepen our commitment to G4V. G4V uses the guitar to reduce PTSD in our veterans’ lives. This impacts the players, their families, and communities. This long term partnership will allow G4V to concentrate on what they do best, knowing they can count on GAMA.”


Patrick Nettesheim Co-founder of G4V says “GAMA has been instrumental in helping Guitars for Vets acquire the contacts and resources that are essential for bringing the healing power of music to our veterans throughout the USA. I am heartened by the team work and camaraderie that GAMA has fostered among its members in order to serve the greater good. The new GAMA supported G4V chapters located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles, California are certain to achieve two critical aspects of our collective mission.  They will bring joy to vets suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) on their journey toward recovery, while inspiring beginning musicians that are eager to cultivate their newly found passion with guitars and accessories.”


Ted Palmisano, G4V participant and Veteran, says, “After my heart attack and surgery I was extremely depressed, I decided to join Guitars For Vets. Being around music, laughter, and learning has made my spirit rise out of sorrow and soar with happiness. My teacher Tom Knuth motivated me to become a teacher for Vets. Now, I pass along my knowledge and happiness to motivate and encourage my fellow vets. “Living and Loving Life again…….


About GAMA

The Guitar & Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) is a trade association comprised of guitar and guitar-products firms. Our mission is to bring together and grow the guitar community by promoting greater access to learning and playing guitar. GAMA programs have brought guitar instruction to 1.3 million children and influenced $169 million in sales of guitar products since 1995. For more information about GAMA visit



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