Gabrielle Lennon, author of “Touch Me Real and Other Stories” and “After Midnight: A Book of Poetry”

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Special presentations of Gabrielle Lennon’s award-winning show, Touch Me Real, are available for a limited time, thanks to a prestigious grant from the State of Florida. This dramatic and riveting one-woman show gives a rare, intimate view of severe mental illness, and is accompanied by a brief workshop on acting and performance, and on the play itself. The two-hour engagement is divided between Lennon’s own performance and the interactive workshop.
The State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture have provided major funding, to make Lennon’s Touch Me Real performance available to the general public, and to interested groups. Through September 1st, the entire performance and workshop will be conducted online, through interactive Zoom sessions. Underserved counties and populations are especially encouraged to request participation, and may do so free of charge. Where possible, the State requests matching funds, through direct donation or a sliding-scale admission fee.
The State of Florida has made this presentation possible, because of Lennon’s exceptional ability to capture, perform and communicate the most intimate and moving moments of life – something we all experience as the foundation of our shared humanity. Lennon reminds us, in a deeply moving performance, that the time we have with each other is precious, and we will not want to leave those dearest to us without letting them know that we love them. She reaches out, beyond her own work, to offer tools, resources and encouragement for everyone to experience the benefits and enrichment of sharing their own stories, in writing and performance.
Please Contact Gabrielle Lennon at treasuretower22, with the subject as, “Touch Me Real,” for additional information or schedule an interview or performance.

Gabrielle Lennon has worked for more than twenty-five years as a professional actress on stage and in film, as a published writer in multiple genres, and as a teaching artist. She attended summer drama programs at Carnegie-Mellon and Yale Universities. Lennon graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Performance Studies (Analysis, Interpretation and Performance of Prose, Poetry and Drama) and an honors program in Creative Writing for the Media, where she studied with Edgar-Award-winner, Stuart Kaminsky and Tony-and-Drama-Desk Award-winning director, Frank Galati. Her work focused on analysis, interpretation, and performance of prose, poetry, and drama, and on creative writing. Lennon’s books are Touch Me Real and Other Stories and After Midnight: A Book of Poetry. She also writes professionally for magazines, newspapers, newsletters, journals, and the theater. As an actress, she has performed poetry, prose and drama throughout the United States, and internationally. As a teaching artist, Gabrielle creates a safe, supportive, fun, inspiring space in which students can explore and grow.
Please feel free to visit her websites for more information, at and
Audience Responses:
“She is a force on stage! A rare treat — I loved it!”
– Lisa Franklin, actor/singer
“The solo format is ideal for the subject matter because it provides a sense of intimacy. Lennon allows the audience into the conflicted character dealing with progressive mental illness of her first love. Her work shows the shadows and darkness of mental illness while also shining light on how an individual’s instability does not impede the love others hold for the person.”
– Sharon Fitzpatrick, author
“I was riveted!”
– Libah Jane Grossman
“Extraordinary reveal and transformation of character. Lennon leaves it all on the stage.”
– Joan Alden, author and playwright
“What a powerful, intense performance. I laughed, cried, and sat in awe as Gabrielle craftily weaved her way through the performance and her life… skillful and flawless — amazing. I would highly recommend Touch Me Real to all.”
– Allen Smuckler, retired educator, poet/writer
“Your ability to play with tension, tragedy, comedy, tenderness, love and passion, is brilliantly inspiring. You blew me away. You just blew me away. I was in awe, so inspired. I was just floored by your performance.”
– Hope White, educator, enrollment consultant, and creator
“I enjoyed the performance and the moving story!”
– Sarah Hernandez, PhD, sociologist
“Gabrielle Lennon’s passionate presentation of Touch Me Real pushed emotional cords and left me raw emotionally. There was hardly a dry eye in the audience at the end of this touchingly intimate tale.”
– Jane Blanchard, award-winning author
“Amazing actress…Her performance was riveting! Can’t wait to see her on stage again.”
– Marilyn & MaryAnn
“I just saw Gabrielle Lennon’s play, “Touch me real,” written by and starring Gabrielle. It was amazing – Gabrielle was incredible. So powerful how she brings the topic of mental illness to light. So glad I got to witness her and her play. Congratulations!”

Gabrielle Lennon, author of “Touch Me Real and Other Stories” and “After Midnight: A Book of Poetry.”

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