French Rock-Farmers cover Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My”

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“Never cut yourself off from the earth — never lose your connection with the soil”
– The Inspector Cluzo

“The Inspector Cluzo have made farming as much of a priority as the band itself and have successfully balanced the two endeavors over more than six albums, dozens of countries, and thousands of shows”
– American Songwriter

“Fierce, funky blues’n’roll freak-outs from proudly independent French farming duo whose geese dictate their tour schedule”
– Planet Rock


Today, The Inspector Cluzo have released their cover of Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My.” This is the first of a four-song project titled “The Organic Farmers Seasons” recorded on tape in Nashville, TN at Sputnik Sound Studio and produced by Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, Clutch).
The next song releases will follow this Summer, Fall and Winter.

Earlier this week, American Songwriter exclusively premiered “Hey Hey My My” saying: “Their rendition of Young’s song has satisfying sonic depth, with thickly toned layered rhythm guitar, crisply splashing cymbals, whip-cracked snare hits, and a touch of tonal color provided by a keys line played on backing organ. The performance is definitely full of the kind of classic heartland rock energy any Neil Young fan would flock to immediately.”

Covering Neil Young seemed like a no brainer for the band. As told to American Songwriter, “Some of our good friends in the US including Vance Powell – our friend and producer in Nashville suggested that we cover Neil Young because he is the US artist that seems closest to what we are and what we do.”

The duo spends half of their time as professional musicians, and the other half of their time is spent on their organic farm located in the Southwest of France.

The Inspector Cluzo are proud of their heritage – they abandoned promising careers as overqualified scientists, in order to work on the land. They are both proud and eager to represent their region and their local traditions, but they don’t want to fall into the category of being a local band. Their land is where Laurent and Mathieu share ideas, blow off steam, learn and discover things – that’s their stage, their natural habitat where they relentlessly go about their daily unpretentious routine. But they’ve got another land – and that is wherever people are – people they meet and talk with from Japan to South America. Their big plot of land is the world – people and places — to visit, to explore. Their smaller plot of land is Lou Casse, their farm in the Landes, in the southwest of France – that’s where their physical labor allows them to break away from the incessant brain hyperactivity – 24/7 — anytime, day or night, you can receive an email from these guys who are bothered by what you might think is a small detail, or awakened by what may seem to be a trivial thing. As the Americans say, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. But that’s how these guys create their music and prepare for their concerts, cleverly hiding behind their genuine good-natured nonchalance.

Music of the people, music of the earth – boots caked with mud and blues . . . Every concert is played with a full display of celebration – every concert is a victory for these two guys – these self-proclaimed Rock Farmers – Gentlemen Farmers also because of their old-style manners and courtesy – and for their respect for the old way of doing things. This is also what connects them to the roots of soul and blues – but electrified by a fiery spirit of urgency, by fury and anger.

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