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Coming very soon!

It will be a robust social media site where others can communicate with each other. Free to sign up, cancel anytime.

We don’t retain any information. Once you cancel it, it will be overwritten.


Some of the features:


Share everything

Post photos, links and videos. Set your location, tag your friends and express your feelings.

Share photos, links to interesting websites and embed popular media content from YouTube, Vimeo to Spotify, Slideshare etc.
Exploring a new place? Add a location to your post! Feeling excited? Tell everyone about it!
Get your friends involved by mentioning their @names. Give your post an attitude by adding #hashtags.
Control who sees your post. Everyone, site members, friends or only yourself. You can selectively pick friends who can see your post too.

See what everyone is up to

Stream is the place where all your site members’ activities are displayed.

Participate stream activities by liking a post, dropping a comment or repost it on your own profile.
When your stream gets too noisy, you can filter it to show only posts that you want to see.
Stream supports embedding rich media content from any Embed-supported site.



  • Create open, closed or invite-only groups.
  • Assign group admins to moderate group activities.
  • Invite or eject group members.
  • Categorize groups under separate categories.

  • Create announcements.
  • Start a group discussion.
  • Make a collaborative to-do list.
  • Manage group-based photo albums.
  • Share files & documents with group members.



Simple & easy photo sharing

Upload multiple photos from your computer via drag & drop. You can also take a picture and upload directly from your phone’s camera.
EXIF metadata are used to automatically fill in the title, description and date of your photo. GPS coordinates are also extracted to tag a location to your photos.
View photos without losing where you were. Popup gallery shows on top of stream and lets you swiftly browse, like, comment and tag photos in an album.
Tag the faces of you & your friends on your photo. You can also add custom labels to your photos.

Built-in private messaging

Conversations instantly enables your site users to send messages to one another.

Invite multiple users to host a group chat.
Share files, photos or documents within the conversation.
Get notified via site notifications whenever a person sends you a message, via email when you are away.Policies:

Because the site is free to operate and use, we can’t guarantee anything. Also, we have algorithms in place to  to notice download/upload of files over a certain size and to notice anything contrary to community standards. Keep in mind, sharing photos, documents and things that could become released onto the internet for whatever reason; so don’t do anything you wouldn’t want others to know about.

Key thing to keep in mind, if it is published, it can be viewed by someone other than your intended person.

If it is absolutely privacy you want, don’t publish!

Because of the nature of the site only topics of :

Events where everyone is welcome, politics, business, local issues, social issues that are not controversial, and performing arts can be discussed. If it can be discussed in polite company in front of a crowd, it is welcomed.

We wanted to keep things pleasantly social and be different than other forums out there.

Because the system is automated, it looks for key phrases and words, it does keep score by the individual posting, and if the score is high enough, it automatically deletes the member. We have no way of reestablishing the member name, but you are more than welcome to reapply.

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