Burlington, VT’s alt-punk band Better Things has released a new Lego-based music video for “Stick That in Your Juicebox and Sip It”

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CREDIT: James Lockridge

Better Things Are Built By Legos in New Music Video


Burlington, VT’s alt-punk band Better Things has released a new Lego-based music video for “Stick That in Your Juicebox and Sip It.” The new single evokes the logic behind the band’s name, which is all about moving forward, never losing hope, and pushing for self-betterment. The song is about progressing from loss, pain, or hardship, and working with what you have by keeping an open mind. From the opening line of “It’s a process that I’m not all that familiar with” to the closing “I’ll be alright, I’m moving forward,” it is a complete resolution of their drummer Mark’s internal conflict after losing love.

The meaning of the song changed from the beginning,” says drummer Mark Weber. “Originally I wrote it as a way to get past some of my personal fears, but as I went through a tough situation in a relationship and it got applied to that song. Just because lyrically it’s somewhat open-ended and you can apply it to whatever bad thing is happening to you and use it. Honestly, any progress you make, any positive thing that happens, any little thing that makes you happy… you can use that as a means to move beyond whatever problem you’re facing.

In contrast to the weighty lyrics, the light-hearted music video was shot with LEGO mini-figures that resemble the band members. It was all shot with a cell phone camera, continuing on with the band’s DIY attitude. “It turned out differently than I expected from when we were first talking about it, and I think that happened for all of us” says Weber. “When we were doing it in the method we chose to, I was skeptical that it would turn out looking good or looking like something we could attach to this song, but when I saw the finished product I was more than thrilled with the outcome.

“Stick That in Your Juicebox and Sip It” is available for purchase on Bandcamp.


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CREDIT: James Lockridge. From left to right: Brad Yandow (vocals/guitar), Mark Weber (drums), Brian LaClair (vocals/guitar)

About Better Things:
Formed in early 2014 by Brian LaClair (vocals / guitar), Brad Yandow (vocals / guitar), and Mark Weber (drums), the band rose from the ashes of several high school projects each were involved with. Bassist Quintin Cardinal would join the band later that year. Each member comes from a background of distinctively different tastes. One member cites Limp Bizkit among their inspirations, while another Less Than Jake. It’s that diversity that sets Better Things apart, and makes them the band they are today.

Better Things released their debut EP These Roads Lead to Nowhere in the summer of 2014, followed by the one-off single/music video “Hindsight 20/20” in December of that year. In 2015, they embarked on several tours of New England while simultaneously writing and recording new music. In March 2016 the band toured to SXSW to play the Romantic Rock showcase sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. They traveled down the East Coast to Florida, through Alabama and Louisiana, playing many shows along the way.

Getting Worse, their first full-length album with producer Ryan Cohen (Robot Dog Studio, Vermont), walks on a tightrope between many different genres; pop-punk, emo, hard rock, rap. Every piece of the album was taken from the experiences the band had while coming of age. “25 Miles Per Hour Blues,” the first single, was released after returning from SXSW. The song has its roots in their hometown where vehicular travel is limited to only 25 MPH. The song is about feeling like you’re not progressing… whether it’s in your career, mentality, relationships. The music video for this song was filmed entirely in an elevator, with the help of multiple local organizations in Burlington.

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