Ballet NY: Despite 3 near sold out performances, NY Times provides a negative review

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OrangePhoto: Eduardo Patino
First of all, we want to thank all of you who attended our recent performance season to show your support of Ballet NY! Three almost sold out houses made our dancers and us extremely happy. There is nothing worse than performing to an empty house.
To those of you who have seen yet again, a negative review in the NY Times, this seems to have become the norm for this paper. Although we didn’t read the review (our publicist told us about it), it did not come as a surprise. Considering Boston Ballet’s last visit was unfairly destroyed by uneducated critics for dance, we feel in good company and proud to be. Clearly, the NY Times has never been able to recruit knowlegeable critics for dance to replace ones such as Anna Kisselgoff and Jennifer Dunning and the NY Post’s Clive Barnes, who are sorely missed in the art of dance.
We are grateful that most of the public do not depend on such reviews. That is why we can not thank you enough for not paying attention to their negativity and continuing to believe and support dance!
In addition to the NY Times not being able to recruit dance critics, their photographers have no artistic knowledge either. Unlike the photo in the Times, the one above by Eduardo Patino (who is a master in shooting dance) captures the perfect moment; the beauty of the dancers as well as the movement. Again, more proof that the Times can not engage the proper staff to do a decent job. Ignorance seems to be running in that publication.
To all dance companies; directors; choreographers and dancers…continue your craft! Do not let ignorance destroy your passion for what you love to do. If we all listened to one individual’s opinion, this art form would not exist. Thank God we are smarter than that! Please share this with your friends-everyone can use some moral support.

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