Guion the Lion: A Colorful WorldBy Rebecca Wilson Macsovits; Well Seasoned: Savoring Life’s LessonsBy Rebecca Webb Wilson

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Two Beautiful Books With Poignant Messages That Truly Are Gifts That Keep On Giving

The Woodlands, TX, June 8, 2015 – Accomplished authors and mother and daughter, Rebecca Webb Wilson and Rebecca Wilson Macsovits respectively, offer a unique opportunity of memorable, everlasting gifts with either of their latest beautifully inspiring books, Well Seasoned: Savoring Life’s Lessons and Guion the Lion: A Colorful World.

Bright colors, engaging characters and an inspirational theme combine for an instant classic in Guion the Lion: A Colorful World (Inspire On Purpose), by Rebecca Wilson Macsovits.  Guion (rhymes with “lion”) is a rainbow-colored lion who stands out in a world of black and white. He wants to find a way to bring back the color, but how? While on his quest, Guion encounters a variety of animals, each struggling with a unique problem. Always kind and friendly, he does his best to help.  To his delight, Guion eventually discovers that every time he helps someone, a little much-needed color comes back into the world.

This delightful children’s book is setting a new tradition for bedtime storytelling. “Teaching our kids acceptance and diversity is key to steering them towards a rich, fulfilling life,” says Rebecca Wilson Macsovits.  “I’m so excited that Guion the Lion can be used as a platform to teach this message.”

Well Seasoned: Savoring Life’s Lessons (Inspire on Purpose) by Rebecca Webb Wilson, chronicles the seasons of life, illuminated by her unconventional and uplifting philosophy, in a collage of breathtaking photographs and inspirational essays. By pairing carefully crafted words with more than one hundred vibrant, full-color images, Wilson savors the clarity that time and experience make possible for all who journey.
Sprinkled with thoughtful quotations and fragments of poetry, her unique book shares her abundant gratitude for the sudden surprises and unexpected joys revealed in nature’s seasons, and her own passing seasons – offering renewed hope to anyone hesitant about the aging process.

Rebecca Wilson Macsovits approaches life, much like her mother, with a sense of adventure and continually seeks out new people, information, and challenges to keep her invigorated. Although the majority of her career has been spent in marketing, her true creative spirit launched after the birth of her first child and continues to be cultivated by all three of her children.  Rebecca’s oldest son, Guion, who has Down syndrome, brings a tremendous amount of joy to his family, and Rebecca regularly observes his siblings depending on him for help.  She doesn’t want others to discount his abilities just because he’s different. Rebecca hopes her first book, Guion the Lion, will encourage young people to give and receive help from others who don’t look exactly like them – this is what makes our big world such a welcoming and colorful place.

Rebecca Webb Wilson has always felt a passion to see the world and experience all that it offers. Naturally she became a Pan Am stewardess to feed her curiosity.  Rebecca has worn many hats; as a realtor, an assistant United States Attorney, and as founder of Bridge Builders, a youth leadership program that has had over 25,000 participants. Her long-time interest in wildlife found a focus when she became involved with the Memphis Zoological Society to totally remodel the zoo. Now, an avid traveler and accomplished nature photographer, Wilson has travelled to some of the world’s most exotic locations and a total of 71 countries. She has hiked Mount Kilimanjaro, the Swiss Alps part of the Haute Route, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and The Milford Track in New Zealand. Her book pays tribute to her deep sense of adventure and desire to capture the moment for all time. For readers, it offers a temporary respite from everyday life – to be immersed in beauty and tranquility and to reflect on their own tender memories. Rebecca says it so well: Rethink. Remember. Renew.

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Guion the Lion: A Colorful World
By Rebecca Wilson Macsovits
Publisher:  Inspire On Purpose
ISBN: 978-1-941782-02-6

Well Seasoned: Savoring Life’s Lessons
By Rebecca Webb Wilson
Publisher: Inspire on Purpose
ISBN: 978-0-9898008-6-0


Reviews:  Guion the Lion: A Colorful World

The Children’s Bookshelf blog:  “I love the lesson this story imparts on young readers.  Guion can be used as a role model to inspire kids to lend a hand to someone in need in the hopes that they, too, will return the favour someday to someone else.  After all, it’s through acts of kindness that our world can be made into a better place.”

Margaret Mandoza, Amazon review: “Amazing book with a beautiful message that brings smiles to my children’s faces!”

Reviews:  Well Seasoned: Savoring Life’s Lessons

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Small Press Bookwatch November 2014; Midwest Book Review, Reviewer’s Choice: ”Filled with beautiful, full-color photography on almost every page, [the book] is a majestic reflection on the transient awe of life’s treasured moments…”
Charles Ashbacher, Amazon review: “The real power in the book is the color photos of nature with a few showing children at play. There are simple scenes of snow covered mountains to a bird taking flight to gently flowing water.The photos are superb; Wilson demonstrates that she is an extremely talented photographer.”

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