Argentine singer/songwriter LUCIA BOFFO brings her talent to soaring melodies and heart wrenching textures “music with words” series

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Genre/vibe(s): Argentinian folklore, new jazz songs, colors, songwriter

And for someone that’s way into "painting with many colors" ie. instruments and timbres (see my Tomorrow Music Orchestra), this album is jammed-packed with a variety of instrumentation on each tune; from piano, layered vocals, bass clarinet, cello, contrabass, synths, drums, flute, violin and more! There are also brief moments that, for me, hint at Jacob Collier’s vocal work here. Some Fernandez 4 piano runs here but with added airy mystery overhead and leaning toward a Mehldau-esque solo, ending with some spoken word that you might not understand (it’s in Spanish), but somehow furthers that mystery. Well, I could go on and on about each track, but maybe continue on how you see fit.

Some neat assets and original release items on this. First, poignant reflections of her growing up in the very southern tip of Argentina (or "fin del mundo", end of the world), this trailer is straight to that point (feel free to share it!). Each song will be accompanied by a one-minute creative video and individual song art. This audiovisual material was produced in her hometown, Ushuaia, also known as The End of the World.

As a native of the region Tierra del Fuego, Boffo feels that her work has always been deeply influenced by the landscapes of the end of the world where she was raised. Together with Alveré Di Pilato, an audiovisual artist from Tierra del Fuego, we came up with the idea of creating different scenes in the stunning nature of Tierra del Fuego that narrate these stories, recording the beauty of this southern island, and framing them in a one-minute clip format, as a premiere of each song.

Some of the "heavy hitters" on the album include Daniel Schnock, Flavio Romero, Ingrid Feniger, Violeta Garcia, Quique Sinesi to name a few (and don’t feel bad if they’re not so recognizable as they are mostly Argentine).

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