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LOS ANGELES, March 17, 2014 – Living in New York, you’ve got to have a great group of guy friends. Esquire Network introduces viewers to six men who, after decades of friendship, are right where they started: hanging out together and taking advantage of every opportunity New York City has to offer. LUCKY BASTARDS, a new 10-part series from Esquire Network, premieres Wednesdays at 10P E/P, beginning April 16.

The men of LUCKY BASTARDS are entrepreneurs, privileged ne’er-do-wells and even a prince (seriously – one of them is an actual prince). Whether they’re razzing each other around the poker table or convincing gorgeous women to fly with them to Art Basel, these bachelors are living life to the fullest – kicking ass, taking names and getting lots of numbers. 

But while they may not let each other get away with anything, they certainly won’t let each other down. As one says, “We bullshit with each other, call each other out … but at the end of the day, we all have each other’s backs.”

Meet the men of LUCKY BASTARDS:

  • Lorenzo Borghese – Lorenzo is a real-life prince who runs several businesses. (You may recognize him from “The Bachelor,” but we won’t tell anyone.)
  • Rocco Cafferelli – The son of a women’s fashion tycoon, Rocco has confidence and a big personality, but has never had a career. Hoping to start a premium denim line, he chats up beautiful girls as “market research.”
  • Adam Campbell – Just back from living in L.A., Adam says he’s looking to settle down – but not until he samples every possible female option New York has to offer.
  • Craig Clemens – Craig’s a financially successful cosmetics executive who’s also a first-degree black belt and occasional break dancer. He and Adam have been buds forever, affectionately (perhaps nauseatingly?) calling each other “Oldie,” as in “old friend.”
  • Charles Ferri – After leaving a career in banking to start a vodka brand, Charles will do anything to make it a success. As the only guy in the group with a serious girlfriend, he sometimes finds himself living vicariously through his friends – and every now and then, stepping in as their conscience. 
  • Scott Mitchell – An independent wealth manager, Scott always has several deals going on at a time – and even more women surrounding him. So many, in fact, that his friends have taken to calling these women his “Scottourage.”

LUCKY BASTARDS is produced for Esquire Network by True Entertainment. Executive Producers are Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock, Lauren Eskelin, Noah Samton, Lucas Howe and Joshua Brown.




Despite enormous success as a wealth manager and nightclub owner, forty-year-old Charles Ferri never felt fulfilled. So he quit. He sold his house and his cars, and he used the money to launch an all-American luxury vodka called Star Vodka. Even in its infancy, the boutique brand has already found success-and provided Ferri with a few perks, like unlimited access to the hottest sports cars thanks to his sponsorship deal with Maserati of Manhattan. Ferri has big plans to take Star Vodka to the next level, including a combination vodka distillery and luxury vacation destination on the east coast. A Napa Valley, but for vodka. If all goes well, he’ll start construction later this year. A recovering playboy, he now lives with his girlfriend in his brownstone in Hell’s Kitchen, which has led everyone around him to wonder when he will pop the question. Unfortunately for all of them, right now Charles thinks he needs to put his business first. 


Lorenzo Borghese, 41, is a real-life prince. (And already a reality star, as the featured dater on ABC’s The Bachelor in 2006.) He’s also a businessman, owning a range of companies including Prince Lorenzo’s Royal Treatment, a line of luxury pet products — and RumGolf, a men’s lifestyle brand of spirits, skincare and fashion. When he’s not running his businesses or spending time with friends, Lorenzo can be found doing charity work for his animal rights foundation, Animal Aid USA. Given his exhausting schedule, Lorenzo seeks out ways to live the good life:  He makes his home in a luxury hotel on Manhattan’s Central Park.


Rocco Cafferelli, 37, considers himself a dabbler. He’s held a variety of jobs, but never one with permanence. In the late 1990s, he and his brother made a small fortune in the Y2K business, and since then he’s tried to experience everything he can, travelling the world diving, sailing, drinking, and drinking. It was only when the money started to dry up (along with his father’s patience) that Rocco launched his newest endeavor: a high-end women’s denim line. Though he is taking the new company seriously, his primary goal will always be to have fun. Even something as boring as market research becomes an excuse to get women to undress at the bar. Whatever situation Rocco might find himself in, there’s one guarantee: He’s going to enjoy it. 


At 32, Adam Campbell is the youngest of the LUCKY BASTARDS. A highly successful digital media marketing consultant, Adam takes advantage of his flexible schedule, jetting all over the country in search of a great party. He has a penchant for hotel living and is never too far from a rooftop pool.  Adam admits that his best quality is also his worst: He’s always on, always focused, and seemingly has no “off” switch. While this full-on lifestyle sometimes gets him in trouble, it also gets him a lot of perks-and a lot of beautiful women. Having exhausted the female market in Los Angeles in search of love, he recently moved to New York to find “the one.” … or at least have a wild time trying.


Scott Mitchell was born and raised in New York. Now 45, he’s clawed his way to the top of Manhattan’s elite. He currently runs a high-end model and concierge service, and, in case that wasn’t enough, he dabbles in venture capital investments and off-market real estate on the side. Scott hates being told what to do, so he makes his own schedule-usually at the last minute. China tomorrow morning? Sure. Vegas…right now? No problem. He’s also extremely well-connected, not only with billionaires, but with many of Manhattan’s hottest women. From Miss Universes to fashionistas, Scott always has a beautiful group of companions-informally known as the “Scottourage” – just a phone call away.


Despite being only 34, Craig Clemens is incredibly successful. After an epic stint in Hollywood, during which he was known for his wild parties in the Hills, Craig moved to Manhattan on a whim after one crazy weekend there. Those who don’t know him think Craig’s just a partier, but in fact he’s launched five multi-million dollar businesses in the last eight years, including his current cosmetics company (which he basically runs from his couch), and is an active supporter of several charities. Craig says he’s looking for “the one”, but until he finds her he has the cash and the freedom to live the ultimate bachelor lifestyle-all facilitated by his trusty personal assistant, Gage. 



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