With 500 Startups Demo Day coming up on Feb. 15, on what CNBC calls the ‘Netflix’ for digital stickers and emojis

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With 500 Startups Demo Day coming up on Feb. 15, on what CNBC calls the ‘Netflix’ for digital stickers and emojis.

Starting out as a niche market in Japan, in recent years the emoji economy has exploded onto the international scene—dramatically shifting the way we express ourselves from verbal to visual.

But MojiLaLa CEO Dana Loberg—a Yale graduate and former artist with first-hand experience of the struggle to monetize creative work—says that despite 6 billion emoji being sent daily, there is a disconnect between artists and consumers. On the one hand, artists don’t have the resources to deliver their work to those who want it most. On the other, consumers lack the diversity of emojis they need to fully express themselves.

Dana’s team developed MojiLaLa to give independent artists a thriving network where they can monetize and share their emoji with billions of iPhone users around the planet.

>> Democratizing the Emoji Marketplace
Original emoji were previously an exclusive playground for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber, who have the funds to hire artists and charge users for the final product. Through MojiLaLa, artists can distribute their work for free.

>> Monetized Emoji Distribution
Independent artists can deliver their work simply, quickly, automatically, and completely free of charge, while receiving 50% of the profits from sales of their emoji and sticker packs.

>> Unlimited Diversity
MojiLaLa already houses more than 12,000 original emojis from all over the world. Through MojiLaLa Unlimited, users have access to vast collections of original emoji and stickers on trending and controversial topics, from politics to pop culture.

>> Art Portfolio of the 21st Century
MojiLaLa is first and foremost a platform for artists to get their work into the hands of as many people as possible—simultaneously spreading awareness of their craft and generating a profit.

>> Hyper-Local Stickers and Emojis
With its launch, MojiLaLa is also releasing local stickers and emojis for San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Turkey, and Great Britain. (Let me know if you’d like me to send you any of those packages).

>> #1 Sticker Distributor for Apple iMessage
MojiLaLa’s subscription plan, MojiLaLa Unlimited, has already been downloaded more than 200,000 times—making it the #1 sticker distributor for Apple iMessage.

MojiLaLa will unveil its emoji marketplace at 500 Startups Demo Day, where it is a resident of Batch 19, on Feb. 15.

Find the MojiLaLa Unlimited app in the iTunes store:

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