Watch Woolen Men’s new video for ‘Temporary Monuments’ via Noisey

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Watch Woolen Men’s new video for ‘Temporary Monuments’
via Noisey
Watch: Temporary Monument
The Woolen Men are three – two Oregon natives and a Washingtonian.  They play punk influenced DIY music in the Pac-NW tradition of Dead Moon and the Wipers.  More than a sound or style, that means a kind of work ethic – do-it-yourself and do it a lot.  The band is happiest touring up and down the I-5 or bunkered in their practice space with the cassette 4-track rolling.  And it shows.  Live, the band is thunderous and energetic and the magnetic chemistry of the three of them playing together shines through in the recordings.
Today Noisey premiered the first music video for the title track, “Temporary Monument.”  The album, Temporary Monument, was released on Woodsist Records September 4th.  Check out The Woolen Men on tour in September and October, updated dates tour below.
The Woolen Men are Alex Geddes, Lawton Browning and Raf Spielman.  They live and work in Portland, OR.  Raf previously released an album of solo material under his Polyps moniker for Woodsist’s sister label Hello Sunshine.
From the band:
“Our hometown has been buried under an avalanche of condos and pointless businesses catering to the newly rich. Noise complaints shut down our shows and pull the plug on countless DIY venues. The places where we lived are being torn down; the rent keeps climbing up. Born too soon or too late, the recession’s effect on our youth was as invisible as it it was profound.
Music today is rendered powerless – white noise made in the echo chamber, for the great Smooth Face that gazes once and moves on. So here it comes, some noise from the dustbin. The internet is sham: Temporary Monument, we made it for ourselves. Look us in the eyes and tell us you’re not getting old.”
-Woolen Men 
Portland Ore. 2015
September 17 – Davis, CA @ Villanova House w/ Landlines, Blhans
September 18 – Oakland, CA @ Lo Bot w/ Landlines, Baus & Unity
September 19 – Santa Rosa CA @ Atlas Coffee w/ Landlines, OVVN
September 20 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ Landlines, Skygreen Leopards, Rays
September 21 – Reno, NV @ Holland Project w/ Landlines
September 22 – Boise, ID @ Neurolux
September 23 – Missoula MT @ VFW Hall
September 24 – Spokane WA @ Baby Bar
September 25 – Tacoma, WA @ Real Art w/ Landlines
September 26 – Vancouver, BC @ House Show
September 27 – Seattle, WA @ Narwhal w/ Landlines
September 28 – Portland OR @ Mississippi Studios w/ Landlines, Honey Bucket
October 3 – Seaview WA @ Sou Wester w/ Dragging An Ox Through Water
October 8 – Brooklyn NY @ Shea Stadium w/ EZTV, Lame Drivers, Gingerlys
October 9 – Boston MA @ Lilypad w/ Lame Drivers
October 11 – Cleveland OH @ Happy Dog w/ Lame Drivers
October 12 – TBA
October 13 – Detroit MI @ Elijah’s w/ Lame Drivers
October 14 – Chicago IL @ House Show w/ Lame Drivers
October 15 – Lexington KY @ Best Friend Bar w/ Jovontaes, Lame Drivers
October 16 – Columbus OH @ TBA
Street Date: September 4, 2015

Track List:
1. Clean Dreams
2. Life In Hell
3. Alien City
4. University
5. The Desert
6. After The Flood
7. Dissolving Man
8. Temporary Monument
9. Hard Revision
10. On Cowardice
11. The Wheel
12. Walking Out



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