Watch the late 1940’s Brooklyn Jewish Community Celebrate Love in Mima Good’s “Granddaddy” Music Video

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Mima Good

New Music Video “Granddaddy

“super personal and directly cutting”- FADER

“Edges the line between artsy pop and brooding soul” – Glide Magazine

Brooklyn based soulful pop artist Mima Good has just released “Granddaddy”, the third single off her upcoming album. “Granddaddy” is a dreamlike, jazz inspired ballad featuring New York legend Christopher McBride on saxophone. The singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has been working on an exploratory, genre-bending collection of songs for the past year in her home studio. From a closet vocal booth covered in red velvet, Mima playfully serenades her microphone with youthful woes from a troubled world.

Watch: “Granddaddy

The music video for “Granddaddy” is a compilation of late 1940s footage recently discovered by her family: her grandparents filming each other as they fell in love and their wedding video. “At 17, my grandfather enlisted with the US Coastguard and fought in the Invasions of Normandy, Sicily and Salerno. Most of his family immigrated to Brooklyn before WWII to escape Russian antisemitism but a few were still left over for the Nazis. He felt it was his duty to fight. My grandparents met shortly after he returned from war and were married in 1947. Seeing all of this joy and celebration in the Brooklyn Jewish community after having gone through such devastation is inspiring. Gathering and celebrating love is an unimaginable luxury right now.”

Listen: “Granddaddy

When Mima Good, whose stage name is an amalgam of murdered witches from the Salem era, burst onto the scene with 2018’s Good Girl EP, it was no wonder the likes of FADER Magazine took notice. In those five songs, Rosen articulated the healing process from a tumultuous relationship with a former bandmate– A journey from attachment, to abuse, and finally self-liberation. But more generally, Rosen was processing a confusing relationship with her own femininity in a culture that tells girls to be “good,” even when the men around them behave badly.

Mima Good’s sound and aesthetic espouses a pop sensibility combined with a dark atmosphere of synths, organs & guitars, creating moody, catchy, soul-songs with a wide breadth of contemporary and classic influences– from pioneering female artists from Billie Ellish and Lana Del Rey, to Nina Simone or Billie Holiday. Mima Good’s songs tackle topics of healing and mental health, empowerment and feminism. Her upcoming album, “Hydra”, elevates her jazzy pop to a faster tempo, striving to give anxiety and depression something to dance to. When asked to describe her new sound, Rosen writes: “That mood when you wanna dance alone in your room and shed a tear or two, that mood when you wanna hug and slay your inner demons, that mood when you’re planning your next tattoo… it’s gotta hurt but it’s gotta be fun, baby!”

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