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“Vinyl Moon is made for people who love and appreciate vinyl as a three-dimensional medium, and every inch of each month is designed. You could nearly frame the entire thing every month, but there are so many small details that can only be experienced by actually playing the music as well. It’s a beautiful, juicy surprise every month for any art lover.”
“Vinyl Moon, the subscription mixtape club with a future set on offering music in a way that even an all analog junky can appreciate.”
-Wax Times
Vinyl Moon is not just your average vinyl subscription service.  Vinyl Moon is essentially a monthly mix tape with several handpicked tracks pressed on gorgeous vinyl and sent straight to your door.  It’s not just an album, it’s a work of art.  Forbes explains, “Vinyl Moon is also a subscription service, but creator Brandon Bogajewicz is going to be choosing a handful of must-hear tunes and then pressing them onto wax, creating his own custom compilations.”  Rather than get an entire album by one artist every month, this particular vinyl club allows for music discovery, and consistently introduces the listener to new artists every month.  After launching their Kickstarter campaign in 2015, they far exceeded their funding goal in just one month.  Needless to say, people were just as stoked for this project as creator Brandon Bogajewicz!
Uniquely, Vinyl Moon isn’t just for audiophiles, but contains huge appeal for art lovers as well.  In addition to the new music, each month’s record jacket is designed by a different visual artist.  The results push the boundaries of what a record jacket can be as they straddle the line between music and art.  The latest edition of Vinyl Moon Vol. 12: Still. Life. introduces Sinziana Velicescu, featuring original photography inspired by the album.  The album and its ten tracks inspired Velicescu to head out onto the road and embark on an impromptu road trip, artfully documented through her lens.  Full tracking listing for Volume 12,
Still. Life.  listed below.
Volume 12: Still. Life. Track Listing:
A1: Yates – “Virtue”
A2: Yoste – “Chihiro”
A3: Naadei – “Cool Friends” [Prod. Shaqarts]
A4: mAsis – “Good Life” 
A5: Raveena – “You Give Me That”
B1: Retro Culture – “Cold”
B2: Salt Cathedral – “No Ordinary Man”
B3: Golden Vessel – “Can’t Stay” (ft. Abraham Tilbury)
B4: Meeka Kates – “Wild”
B5: Ben Phipps – “Don’t Look Back” (ft. Ashe)
Volume 12: Still. Life. brings the subscriber a 32-page photo book with pictures from the album-inspired road trip Velicescu took after listening to all 10 tracks.  The artist for the vinyl packaging will change monthly, so you can look forward to something fresh and new every 30 days!  More details and track listing for Vinyl Moon Volume 13 to come shortly.
Vinyl Moon’s Volume 12: Still. Life. is out now.  Not a member of the club just yet?  You can head here and order the current volume, or previous volumes so long as they’re not sold out!  Hurry, this once a month music art installation will go fast.
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