Update #7 – About the LADWP Customer Claims Process

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Information about the LADWP Claims Process
Westwood / Sunset Blvd Trunk Line Rupture


We at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power want to express our appreciation for the patience of Westside residents and the UCLA community as our crews and staff work around the clock as quickly and as safely as possible to complete repairs to the water trunk line that ruptured on July 29th.

While our focus is on making those repairs and reopening Sunset Boulevard as quickly as possible, we also are very much aware that this incident impacted the lives and property of many students, residents, faculty, and others in the nearby community surrounding UCLA and the UCLA campus directly. During repairs, and after they are complete, we want to assure you that we are here to help anyone who sustained damages.

If you sustained property damage or were personally injured, please review the information below and submit a claim. When you are ready to send us your claim, please send it to us via mail or email.

Our claim form is available online at www.ladwp.com/claims.

Claims should be submitted to:

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Attn: Claims Section
P.O. Box 51111, Room 342
Los Angeles, Ca 90051-0100

Or via Email to:  [email protected]

Please write “UCLA CLAIM” on the envelope or in the subject line.

For additional assistance call (213) 367-4600
Or email: [email protected]

Helpful Tips and Information for Submitting a Claim:

1.       Who can file a claim?

Any person may file a claim for damages because of the water main break.  Claims may be for damage / repair of property (vehicles, electronic equipment, personal items, etc.) and/or for personal injury. All claimed losses, whether involving property and/or personal injury will be reviewed, however, the submission of a claim itself is not a guarantee of payment.  When you submit your claim, you will receive an assigned claim number for reference.

2.       What may I file a claim for and who needs to file the claim with LADWP?

You may file a claim for damage /repair of property and/or for personal injury with the LADWP for losses due to the the July 29, 2014 Sunset – UCLA water main break.  However, you must be the owner of the property to file the claim and receive payment.  For example, if a vehicle you were driving was damaged, but is owned by a parent, friend, etc., the owner of the vehicle must make the claim for damage.  If the damaged vehicle was a leased vehicle, we urge you to immediately contact the leasing agency for advice about who should file the claim.

3.       My dad owns the car but several items inside the vehicle belonging to me were damaged. Do I need to file a separate claim?

Yes.  If someone else owns the vehicle but you separately own items that were in the vehicle and damaged, two claims need to be filed, one by the owner for the vehicle damage /repair, and one by you for your personal items that were damaged /repaired. In the case of electronic equipment that were damaged or destroyed in a vehicle, purchase documents or other documents may prove ownership and should be filed with the claim or sent to LADWP as soon after filing your claim as possible.

4.       How long do I have to file a claim?

You have six months from July 29, 2014, to file a claim for personal injury or loss/damage to personal property.  The last day to submit a claim is January 29, 2015.

5.       I needed a rental when my car was in the shop. Will my rental expenses be reimbursed?

Yes.  Reasonable rental costs of a same or similar vehicle type will be considered while your primary vehicle is being evaluated, repaired, or declared a total loss.  Note:  Expenses that are normally associated with the use and operation of a vehicle, such as gasoline, insurance expenses, etc., are not reimbursed.

6.       My car was damaged or a total loss. What do I do if a rental car company says I’m too young to rent a car?

We realize that this is a possibility for many students.  If you are in this situation, we encourage you to use public transit. Keep your receipts for these types of services and submit them.  They will be considered as part of your claim for damage reimbursement.

7.       My insurance carrier says that I’m not covered for this type of loss.

That’s okay.  We have hired certified professional vehicle appraisers to inspect and appraise your vehicle for damage.  That inspection / appraisal will become part of your claim once you file a claim with us.

8.       Should I contact and file a claim with my vehicle insurance carrier first?

We recommend that you report this incident to your automobile insurance carrier because an insurance claim and settlement is the quickest way for you to be reimbursed for a vehicle that is damaged and repaired or lost.

9.       My insurance carrier says that I have a deductible. Why should I have to pay it?

We will work with your insurance carrier to waive your deductible once we receive notification from them of their intention to file a claim for reimbursement.

10.   How much money will I get from LADWP for my car?

Each claim for vehicle damage /repair will be evaluated on its individual merits. Generally you will receive the amount necessary and reasonable to repair the vehicle up to the actual cash value of your vehicle at the time of the loss.

11.   What should I submit with my claim

Any receipts, photographs, documents, ownership information, etc., that will support your claim for damage / repair.            

12.   When I mail my claim in how will I know it will be processed?

Please write in the subject line of your email or if submitting by mail, on the outside of the envelope: “UCLA CLAIM” for processing.   

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