Two Treasures That Made Olivia’s Dream Possible

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Septermber 8, 2014

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  • How to Become A More Self-Compassiate and Prepared MOM
  • The Goddess In Me – A Poem by Maris (age 11)

Hello Bright Light,

I want to inspire you today – about one of my SOUL STREAM Coachingclients who recently took off for a dream month of international travel.

Read on to see where she started because actually, something else much more valuable has happened.

Before you read this, I want you to know this is possible for YOU TOO!

I am not kidding – I am sharing this, because I want you to know, no matter where you are right now, you are closer than you think to what you really want – all you need is to say is ‘yes’ and find the two inner treasures that Olivia did.

When Olivia began her Soul Stream Coaching Journey, she was living almost exclusively to serve the dreams of others. 

Each day she felt less and less able to summon the energy needed to go on, let alone experience any joy in living.

The only thing that seemed to light her up at all was the memory of traveling to places on the planet where she once experienced a sense of true belonging. And, Olivia has a secret desire to start a business taking people on tours to those sacred sites. 

Initially, this seemed like an impossible dream. 

The truth was, she had everything she needed except self belief and courage! 

Olivia finally made the commitment to honor her dreams, her soul and then move through fear into action. She set her dreams into motion. YOU CAN TOO and I can help you. 

Although my Soul Stream Private Coaching Program is currently filled, I have a couple great resources to help you find your self belief and courage!

1. The Every Woman’s Mystical Treasure Chest Summit:

This Free event will provide a treasure trove of inspiration, wisdom teachings, tools, practices to help you deepen your self belief and courage. Each and every wise women/expert interviewed will have something precious to contribute to your Path of Awakening. Be sure skip on over and Click HERE to opt in.  

2. If you are a Mom with a daughter who dreams about becoming an even more conscious, grounded, present and wise Mother, be sure to check out what some of the Mother’s from our last course had to say about our upcoming on-line course BEAUTIFUL YOU: From Girl to Woman. 

I care that you connect with the bright light within you! 

Georgette Star MA, D.Min



7-Week Virtual Course: Participant Reflections

I came into this training to learn ways to support and honor my daughter’s journey from girl to maiden. What I came away with was that and an unexpected deep healing of the girl in me that never received such a sacred honoring. I am so grateful for Georgette and the Beautiful You: From Girl to Woman training. Please feel free to share this and I can provide a picture if you need one.

— Karin

This course allowed me to explore my own relationship with my body and my experience of being a girl, going through puberty and becoming a woman. It was a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere to learn and explore ways that I can nurture and support girls in my life to experience their femininity in a positive and powerful way.

From practical information to thought provoking and challenging questions, Beautiful You has encouraged subtle changes for me in my interactions with my own daughters. I am grateful to have been given tools and information to feel confident and supported in embodying the divine feminine. THANK YOU!

— Meg

Beautiful You has expanded my awareness of the importance of sacred sisterly circles and our power as wombyn to connect on the deepest levels. The course in every way reinforces my belief that if young women have access to wombyn-centered practices we would see the status of women shift globally.  

— Camara

To learn more about how you can become an even more self accepting and prepared Mom, in a circle with other women of shared intention, shoot me an email with the word “BEAUTY” in the subject line. 

THE GODDESS IN ME – Maris (age 11)

The goddess in me is like the ocean flowing,
And like the plants as they grow up.
The goddess in me is as gentle as a bunny,
But also like a bull in its strongness.
The goddess in me is very sunny,
Like the billowing clouds in the sky.
The goddess in me is like a pink sunset
With gentle hues of gold.
The goddess in me is full of peace
And willing to show that she will become a woman some day,
Like an opening flower.
ABOUT GEORGETTE STAR & LIFE BLESSINGFor as long as she can remember, Georgette has lived in state of wonder at the blessing and mystery of Creation, on a journey to explore the questions…

Who Am I?

Where Am I?

Why Am I Here?

What Am I To Do?

She creates and navigates her life by soul guidance. Her quest for the deeper meaning of self and Life evolved into her mission and life’s work to inspire and guide others to answer these questions for themselves. A gentle but potent catalyst for awakening, Georgette has a special calling to empower the feminine for the possibility of a more balanced world.

Georgette is the founder of the Life Blessing Institute, a learning community dedicated to inspiring wise women, men, parents and youth to live conscious and soulful lives.  She designed the curriculum for a variety of educational programs over the past 17 years including the Maiden Spirit, Peace Warrior Youth Empowerment, Rites of Passage programs, and mentor trainings. Georgette has been in practice as a Soul Coach for over two decades, working with individuals, groups, and organizations to transform unconscious stuck energies into renewed creativity, manifestation, and restored connection with self, others, and Life. She holds an MA from the Naropa Institute and a Doctorate of Ministry from the University of Creation Spirituality. Currently Georgette is blazing a trail to bring Life Blessing offerings on-line.

Georgette delights in being a mother and grandmother! She enjoys a rich life with her soul mate in their Northwest forest home. Her mother, affectionately called ‘Mother Love’ by all her friends, is 86 and lives close by. These are but a few of her greatest and many Life Blessings.

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