TwinsMusic Enterprises Announces the beginning of the ITALIAN JAZZ DAYS 2014

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TwinsMusic Enterprises Announces

on October  8th the beginning of the ITALIAN JAZZ DAYS 2014

TwinsMusic Enterprises Announces


TwinsMusic Enterprises is proud to announce the 5th  edition of Italian Jazz Days, an annual New York City cultural highlight since 2009.

This year the festival includes 20 musicians, participating in five New York City venues: the Measure Lounge at Langham Place, Arturo’s, Les Peascadeux, The cutting Room, Showman’s and a special event at Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI).


Italian Jazz Days coincides with the Columbus Day holiday. The New York City Columbus Day Parade entertains a crowd of 35,000 attendees (and millions of television viewers) celebrating Italian culture. This year’s Italian Jazz Days invites pianist Mario Nappi and bassist Corrado Cirillo, winners of Maastricht Jazz Competition in 2013, pianist Alessio Busanca winner of Orsara Summer Camp 2014 and the veteran tenor saxophonist from Abruzzo Venanzio Venditti. Ciacca will showcase music from the Italian American Songbook at the Michican State Universiry, East Lansing, MI. Participating musicians include Rachel Z (Rachel Nicolazzo), Simona Premazzi, Gabrielle Stravelli, Simona De Rosa, Pat O’Leary, Scott Robinson, Jerry Weldon, Paul Gill, Peter Van Nostrand, Steve Ash, Marco di Gennaro, Alberto Pibiri, Lucio Ferrara, Jerome Jennings, Mike Karn and more…



October 8-10 Measure – Langham Place, NYC
Rachel Z trio
October 11 Measure – Langham Place, NYC
Rachel Z trio featuring Lucio Ferrara
October 12 Measure – Langham Place, NYC
Simona Premazzi solo piano 
October 13 Measure – Langham Place, NYC
Simona Premazzi trio
October 13  Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

ANTONIO CIACCA trio plays the Italian American Song Book.

October 14th & 15th Measure – Langham Place, NYC


October 16th Arturo’s, NYC


October 16th Cutting Room, NYC

Antonio Ciacca Quintet with Simona De Rosa 

October 16  Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Lucio Ferrara trio feat. Corrado Cirillo

October 17 & 23 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Steve Ash  Trio feat. Corrado Cirillo   

October 18, 20  & 22 Measure – Langham Place, NY
ANTONIO CIACCA trio & guests
October 19 Measure – Langham Place, NYC
MARCO di GENNARO – solo piano
October 19 -Le Pescadeux

Gabrielle Stravelli featuring Mario Nappi

October 21 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Jerry Weldon trio feat. Alessio Busanca

October 22 -Showman’s, NYC

Jerry Weldon trio feat. Alessio Busanca

October 24 – 25 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Venanzio Venditti quartet featuring Mike Karn  and Jerome Jennings 

October 26 Measure – Langham Place, NYC
Alberto Pibiri -solo piano

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