Twelve Finalists Chosen For The Upcoming LIVE Final Stage Episodes Of “LA BANDA” ; With Very Emotional 1×1 Visits From Judges Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz And Laura Pausini To Break The News, Univision Network’s Hit Talent Search For The Ultimate Latino Super Group Is Down To Twelve Talented Finalists

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Twelve Finalists Chosen For The Upcoming LIVE Final Stage Episodes Of “LA BANDA”


With Very Emotional 1×1 Visits From Judges Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz And Laura Pausini To Break The News, Univision Network’s Hit Talent Search For The Ultimate Latino Super Group Is Down To Twelve Talented Finalists


Watch Them Move On To The Remaining LIVE Broadcast Stage Beginning This Sunday, November 1st From Miami (8PM EST/7PM CT/5PM PT and 8PM PT)


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Get To Know Each Of The Twelve Finalists And Catch-Up On

Highlights From Last Night’s Episode Seven Broadcast:


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Zabdiel de Jesús– 17, from Puerto Rico Zabdiel’s love of music started at an early age when he learned to play the guitar from his father, a professional guitarist. He later teamed up with his brother, also a guitarist, to play in church where he grew to love Gospel music. His love for dance led him to form a hip-hop and salsa group in middle school, and eventually study ballet at La Escuela de Bellas Artes de Bayamón, where he is currently in his final year.


Christopher Vélez- 19, Ecuadorian from New Jersey Born in the United States, Christopher returned from Ecuador less than a year ago in hopes of a better future and lives alone in Hightstown, NJ. He works hard shining shoes and saving all the money he can so he can send some to his mother to help her dream of becoming a lawyer come true. His “American Dream” is to be part of La Banda and always wears a gold medallion he received from his grandmother as good luck.


Joshua Greaux– 17, from Puerto Rico Used to fierce competition as the son of an Olympic athlete, Joshua has run charity marathons and trains daily, but his first love is for music. He plays guitar, write songs, makes music, and has sung in a choir. When he sat down with his father to explain that music, like sports, is a discipline one must dedicate one’s body and soul to, his father gave him his full support. His mother, with whom he lives, also supports his dreams and works two jobs in order to provide Joshua a good education. He prefers ballads and his favorite song is from the group Sin Bandera titled “Ves.”


Joel Pimentel– 16, from Los Angeles


Although he lives with his parents and two brothers, it was his Grandfather Luis who first noticed his musical talent and encouraged him to develop it by teaching Joel to sing. When his Grandfather died last January, Joel sang the song “100 Ovejas” at his funeral in his honor. Joel studies Drama at Hesperia High School in Los Angeles and takes acting very seriously as he feels it helps him better interpret his songs.


Sebastián Rivera–  15, from Puerto Rico Sebastián lives with his parents and three siblings and is a big fan of the group One Direction. He has grown up and gone to school with the same group of friends and loves to sing harmony, looking for any and all occasions to perform, whether with friends or in front of strangers, with all his heart. He also plays the Ukulele.


Aaron Bodden- 17, American of Honduran and Dominican parents from Miami 1


Born and raised in a poor and violent neighborhood of Miami, Aaron now lives with his mother, two siblings and Grandmother in Homestead, Florida. His passion for Rap music and urban rhythms has made him popular in the neighborhood and at school where he is known for his singing and producing music for himself and others on his computer at home.  He loves “remixes” and hip-hop and reggaeton songs, and fights to succeed in the name of all those from poor neighborhoods who have died from violence.
Erick Brian Colón– 14, Cuban from Tampa Born in Cuba, Erick moved to the United States when his father, who was already living here, sent for him, his mother and sister. Since he was 5 years old, Erick has been singing with a microphone in his hand, first at parties and school activities, then later at Karaokes. He loves to play soccer, dance at parties, has many friends at school, and is the only one in his family who wants a career in music.


Jaime Cruz– 14, from Puerto Rico Jaime, who lives with his mother and younger sister, loves to dance and sing with passion so that he can disconnect from anything negative. Only 14 years old, Jaime knows what it means for such a young person to participate and possibly win a place in La Banda, but does so knowing how proud it would make his family.


Johann Vera– 19, Ecuadorian from Miami Johann, who lives with his parents and little sister, is an actor, singer and dancer who loves hip-hop. He enjoys swimming, playing tennis, and has studied Tae Kwan Do but from him, everything revolves around furthering his artistic career. He records “covers” and posts them on Youtube, and his sister is his biggest fan. He wants to show his parents that he can make it as a professional singer.


Yoandri Cabrera– 16, Cuban-American from Miami Yoandri, who lives at home with his mother, started singing when he was 7 years old, inspired by his mother who also sang as a little girl. His favorite artists are Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Marc Anthony, and One Direction. He says finding God helped him more than anything in the world to always have a positive outlook.


Kevin González– 19,  Mexican-Salvadoran from Arizona Kevin lives with his parents and is the youngest of four brothers. His oldest brother, who is a rapper, is his biggest influence. He loves to play the piano and the ukulele, but feels family is the most important thing and that they give him the confidence he needs to go on singing. His dream is to one day help young people and make a positive impression on their lives.


Richard Camacho– 18, Dominican from NH Coming from a musical family, Richard’s father had been a musician in his youth and his mother a dancer. So he began his musical career at the age of only 4 years old when his father, who was a musician and worked as a TV cameraman in the Dominican Republic, took him to an audition. From then on he dedicated his life to song and dance.



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Episode Seven Highlights



As the last episode in the middle rounds opens, the pressure is on for the 15 boys who are left in the competition. Who will make it to the live rounds?  The challenge in this episode is for the boys to perform as soloists in front of the judges and in front of a live audience of fans. The fans and judges judge each boy individually and select 12 boys to move on to the live rounds!


Each live performance is conducted in a small theater, where even minor mistakes are amplified. Before going on stage, the boys are coached individually by one of the superstar judges. The judges give them feedback and help the boys put forth their best performance. After 5 boys sing, they are called back on stage and the one with the most votes from the fans will automatically pass to the live rounds. The other four boys go home without knowing their fate in the competition. The fans save 3 boys in total.


After the acoustic performances are over, the 12 remaining contestants go home to await their results. The judges select 9 contestants to move on in the competition. The judges then meet with each remaining contestant individually to deliver the news in person- will they move on in the competition or be eliminated? Each meeting with the contestants is a memorable event- in some cases, the judges visit the contestant’s homes and meet their families. In one case, the contestant learns his fate in the middle of a concert and in front of thousands of people.


First Soloist: Christopher Velez

Song: I believe in You by Reik


Christopher is thankful for the opportunity to be in La Banda and says what an amazing opportunity it has been. He never imagined getting this far in the competition. During rehearsals, Christopher is coached by Laura Pausini who after his performance on stage, says what a good person he is and comments on how well he sings.


Second Soloist: Johann Vera

Song: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran


Johann shares that he has worked hard to get here and that he is finally seeing the results of his perseverance. During rehearsals Laura notes that he sings well, has good control over the stage, knows what he is doing and is ready.


Third Soloist: Aaron Bodden

Song: Give me everything by Pitbull


Aaron is excited for the judges and fans to see him doing something new, singing rather than rapping, and is very proud of what he has accomplished. During rehearsals, Ricky Martin notes that you never know what to expect from Aaron because he is very disciplined and very focused. He says to Aaron “I need for you to show off… without mercy… I want blood.” After his performance, Alejandro Sanz notes that he has a very particular energy but that he had never heard him really sing. Laura says that he has something special even though he wouldn’t be the lead voice.


Soloist 4: Jose Antonio Monroig

Song: A Dios Le Pido by Juanes


Jose Antonio wants to demonstrate that he is a different type of artist. He is charismatic, enjoys what he sings and is unsure what the judges and the fans will think but he will give his performance his all to make it to the live rounds.  During his rehearsal, Alejandro Sanz notes that he is out of tune and tells him to fix it. He also advises him to keep singing and to smile if he forgets the lyrics on stage. Separately, Sanz says that if he performs on stage like he did during rehearsals, he will likely not go on. During his performance on stage, Jose Antonio was out of tune and forgets the lyrics to the song. Ricky Martin remarks to the other judges that he broke his heart.


Soloist Five: Yoandri Cabrera

Song: Titanium (in Spanish) by David Guetta


Yoandri is nervous before his performance and says that this is one of the most important days of his life. During rehearsals, Ricky Martin notes that it is important that he have a good time on stage. After his performance, Laura Pausini notes that it was not his best performance and Ricky Martin notes that he has the potential to be the lead singer.


The boys come back on stage and the girls select Christopher Velez to move on to the live rounds.


Soloist 6: Kevin Gonzalez

Song: Want to want me by Jason Derulo


Kevin says that he is living out his dreams and is experiencing a once in a lifetime experience, this is real life. During the rehearsal, Laura Pausini says not to make gestures when he makes a mistake because his voice does not have any faults. Aside, she shares that what Kevin needs is more confidence to recognize his talent, discover it and show it off. After his performance, Kevin is upset because he feels like he ‘croaked’ a bit on stage. Laura Pausini tells the other judges that his rehearsal was much better and that he almost made them cry.


Soloist 7: Joshua Greaux

Song: Esta ausencia by David Bisbal


Joshua says that he like anyone else, gets emotional before these types of experiences and that he has to prepare for what he is going to face. He also says that this is the most important night of his life. During rehearsals, Alejandro Sanz notes that all of his attention must be on the high notes.


Soloist 8: Nickie Jon Pabon

Song: La Llave de Mi Corazon by Juan Luis Guerra


Nickie says that today is the start of his future, has a positive attitude and will let his talent speak for itself. During rehearsals, Laura Pausini comments that he has almost everything, is great when he moves but has to work on being in tune. After his performance, Alejandro Sanz says that he is worried about him being out of tune, Ricky Martin comments that when he sings in a group he is never out of tune.


Soloist 9: Sebastian Rivera

Song: Llueve por dentro by Luis Fonsi


Sebastian never imagined that he would get this far in the competition, he is happy and hopes for much more. During rehearsals, Alejandro Sanz notes that he does not always hit the high notes and that while singing, controlling his breathing is the most important thing to do.  After his performance, Laura Pausini notes that he is hardly ever out of tune and that he is one of the most emotional singers.


Soloist 10: Jaime Cruz-

Song: I want you back by The Jackson Five


He is nervous because three contestants will leave the competition. Alejandro Sanz coaches him to smile because his performance will flow better and the audience will not want to see an artist suffer on stage. After his performance, Ricky Martin notes that the even though some of the girls did not know the songs they were rooting for Jaime himself. Laura notes that he has to improve his way of singing.


The boys come back on stage and the girls vote for Joshua Greaux.


Soloist 11: Zabdiel de Jesus

Song: Que lloro by Sin Bandera


Zabdiel never expected to get this far in the competition and he went to the audition simply to try and see if he could pass. During the rehearsal Ricky Martin comments that in the beginning he thought he should go on stage with the guitar but later discards that idea because it may be too much for Zabdiel. After his performance, Alejandro tells him to go celebrate, Laura tells him not to cry and Ricky tells him he is very happy.


Soloist 12: Alan Matheus

Song: Roar by Katy Perry


Alan is optimistic because he has practiced a lot and if he gets the opportunity to be in the live rounds, he will only improve. During rehearsals, Alejandro comments that he has to improve his body language and that he is not standing up straight on stage. After his performance, Ricky and Alejandro notes that he should have better rhythm and should project on stage.


Soloist 13: Joel Pimentel

Song: Just the way you are by Bruno Mars


Joel is nervous and emotional and he feels comfortable with the song. Before his performance, Ricky Martin notes that he is very good, sure of himself but points out that the sound is not the best for him. After the performance, Alejandro Sanz feels that he was out of tune and Ricky points out that he was amazing during the rehearsal. Laura says she needs to think about it. Joel says that he was very nervous and that is why he was out of tune.


Soloist 14: Erick Brian Colon

Song: El Perdedor by Enrique Iglesias


Erick is self-confident and that is what he thinks has helped him get this far in the competition. When he was in Cuba, he never imagined that all of this would happen. During rehearsals, Alejandro notes that he has a small issue with keeping the tempo. He tells Erick that he shouldn’t do anything to the melody but should give the song his own personal touch. After the performance, Alejandro notes that he learns quickly and that he can continue to improve.


Soloist 15: Richard Camacho

Song: Tienes que creer en mi by Frankie J


This is Richard’s dream and he is going to give this his performance his all because this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. During rehearsals, Ricky notes that Richard looked uncomfortable because he has trouble with the lyrics but that his performance was much better than he expected and that he should feel comfortable with his talent. Laura Pausini gives him a trick: to write the phrase that he forgets on the palm of his hand. Richard is not satisfied with his presentation; the judges note that he doesn’t look like he enjoys it.


The boys come back on stage and the fans vote for Zabdiel de Jesus.


Judges’ Decision

The judges tell each of the remaining 12 contestants personally whether they will continue on to the live rounds of La Banda.

Joel Pimentel: Ricky Martin goes to his home to tell him the news in person. Joel and his mother are extremely surprised and cry. Ricky tells him that although not speaking Spanish is a disadvantage, he will be moving on to the live rounds.


Johann Vera: Alejandro Sanz invites him to his recording studio. Johann is extremely emotional and that he has been through a lot to get here. Alejandro says that he hopes that his experience on La Banda has left him with good memories and reminds him that although he received some of the lowest scores he tells him that he has made it onto the live rounds.


Jose Antonio Monroig: Laura invites him to New York and notes that what she most likes about Jose Antonio is his charisma. Jose Antonio is nervous and cries. She gives him the news that he will not continue in the competition and he breaks down in tears. Finally, Jose Antonio remarks that Ricky Martin too had to try multiple times and that he has to keep on working.


Erick Brian Colon: He meets with Laura and Erick is very nervous that his dream will end there. Laura reminds him that he has been out of tune and that when she sees him with the other boys, she thinks he must still work to find his place in the group. Erick is very emotional when he finds out that he has made it onto the live rounds.


Nickie Jon Pabon: Ricky Martin asks him to meet him in Houston and says that his stage presence is very good. He has to work on his voice though and his journey on La Banda has come to an end. Nickie says he hopes that people don’t forget about him.


Yoandri Cabrera: Alejandro Sanz goes to Yoandri’s home. He is aware that the news he is about to deliver will change this boys’ life forever. For Yoandri, going to the live shows would be the best experience. Alejandro says that no matter what happens, his future is in music and that his greatest quality is his humility. Alejandro welcomes him to the live shows.


Jaime Cruz: Ricky Martin invites him to this concert in Houston to share the judges’ decision. Jaime is aware that he can be eliminated from the competition. In the middle of the concert, Ricky Martin invites him on stage to tell him that he will continue in the competition.


Sebastian Rivera: Sebastian says that the first time he dreamed of being a singer was in Times Square in NYC and that changed his life. Laura tells him that for the judges it has been great to work with Sebastian. He has trouble hitting those high notes and that he has to believe in what he sings. She shares that although not everyone’s dreams will come true, his will.


Aaron Bodden: Aaron says that his journey has been difficult and his family has had to make many sacrifices for him to be able to continue his dream of being an artist. Alejandro Sanz asks him that regardless of what happens, he should not abandon music and that although he has been so motivated, on La Banda, they can have a singer that raps but not a rapper than doesn’t sing. They expect a lot from him. Aaron makes it to the live rounds.


Kevin Gonzalez: Ricky Martin goes to see him at home in Phoenix, Arizona. It is an important moment for Kevin because he will find out whether or not his dreams will become a reality. He is sad because he realizes that that can all end today. His mom cries out in emotion when she sees Ricky Martin inside her home. Ricky says that he has changed a lot, the Kevin who came to the auditions in Miami Beach. When he tells him that he has made it to the live rounds in La Banda, Kevin cries. Ricky tells his family to support him because he has a lot of potential.


Alan Matheus: Alejandro invites him to his home to share the news. Alan shares that he would do anything to pass on to the live rounds. Alejandro thinks that he is very talented, but sensitive. He tells Alan that although he very talented and made for this, he has to work on his self-confidence and that he is very shy. It is imperative that he learn to dance to be a part of La Banda. Given these things, he will not continue in the competition. Alejandro feels that he should pursue a soloist career and Alan is very sad.


Richard Camacho: Laura Pausini tells Richard that he has done great things on La Banda. Richard really wants to be a part of La Banda and that he has been unable to sleep from the nerves. She notes that he made a couple of mistakes during his presentation and that there is a lot of instinct in music but also discipline. Richard is in tears when Laura tells him that he will make it in the competition.


Tune in to La Banda on Sunday night at 8PM EST/7PM CT/5PM PT and 8PM PT for the next stage in the competition- live. Fans can vote by phone call, texting, online, using a hashtag and via our Univision Conecta App.






Momentos culminantes del séptimo episodio


Para fotos y otros materiales de prensa, por favor vaya a: Documentos para la prensa sobre la Banda


Al inicio del último episodio de la segunda etapa, la presión aumenta para los 15 chicos que quedan en la competencia. ¿Quiénes llegarán a los episodios en vivo?  El desafío en este episodio es que los chicos se presenten como solistas frente a los jueces y una audiencia de fans. Las fans y los jueces calificarán a cada muchacho individualmente y seleccionarán a 12 chicos ¡para que pasen a las rondas en vivo!


Cada presentación en vivo se realiza en un teatro pequeño, donde hasta el más mínimo error será percibido. Antes de subir al escenario, los chicos reciben asesoría individual de las súper estrellas que se desempeñan como jueces. Estos les hacen comentarios a los muchachos y los ayudan a perfeccionar su presentación. Después de que cinco chicos cantan, los llaman de regreso al escenario y el que recibe más votos de las fans pasa automáticamente a las rondas en vivo. Los otros cuatro chicos se van a casa sin conocer su destino en la competencia. Las fans salvan a tres chicos en total.


Cuando terminan las presentaciones acústicas, los 12 concursantes que quedan se van a casa a esperar los resultados. Los jueces seleccionan a nueve concursantes para que avancen en la competencia. Luego se reúnen con cada concursante para darle la noticia en persona. ¿Avanzarán en la competencia o quedarán eliminados? Cada reunión con los concursantes es un suceso memorable. En algunos casos, los jueces van a la casa de los concursantes y conocen a su familia. En un caso, el concursante se entera de su destino durante un concierto, frente a miles de personas.


Primer solista: Christopher Vélez

Canción: I Believe in You de Reik


Christopher está agradecido por la oportunidad de ser parte de La Banda y dice que ha sido fabulosa. Nunca se imaginó que llegaría tan lejos en la competencia. Durante los ensayos, Christopher fue asesorado por Laura Pausini, quien después de la presentación de este en el escenario dijo que es una gran persona y comentó que canta muy bien.


Segundo solista: Johann Vera

Canción: Thinking Out Loud de Ed Sheeran


Johann contó que se esforzó mucho para llegar a ese punto y que finalmente está viendo los resultados de su perseverancia. Durante los ensayos, Laura señala que canta muy bien, con buen control del escenario, que sabe lo que hace y está listo.


Tercer solista: Aaron Bodden

Canción: Give Me Everything de Pitbull


Aaron está entusiasmado de que los jueces y las fans lo vean hacer algo nuevo, cantar en vez de rap, y está muy orgulloso de lo que ha logrado. Durante el ensayo, Ricky Martin señaló que nunca se sabe qué esperar de Aaron porque es muy disciplinado y enfocado. Le dijo a Aaron, “Necesito que te luzcas… sin piedad… Quiero sangre”. Después de su acto, Alejandro Sanz señaló que tiene una energía muy particular y que nunca lo había oído cantar de verdad. Laura le dijo que tiene algo especial pero que no sería la voz principal.


Solista 4: Jose Antonio Monroig

Canción: A Dios Le Pido de Juanes


José Antonio quiere probar que es un tipo de artista diferente. Es carismático, disfruta lo que canta y no está seguro de lo que los jueces y las fans pensarán, pero se esforzará al máximo cuando se presente para llegar a las rondas en vivo. Durante el ensayo, Alejandro Sanz señaló que estaba desentonado y le dijo que debe corregirlo. También le aconsejó que siga cantando y que sonría si se olvida de la letra en el escenario. Por separado, Sanz le dijo que si en el escenario se desempeña como lo hizo en el ensayo, probablemente no continuará. Durante su presentación en escenario, José Antonio cantó desafinado y se olvidó de la letra de la canción. Ricky Martin les comentó a los demás jueces que le rompió el corazón.


Solista 5: Yoandri Cabrera

Canción: Titanium (en español) de David Guetta


Yoandri estuvo nervioso durante su presentación y dijo que era uno de los días más importantes de su vida. Durante el ensayo, Ricky Martin señaló que es importante divertirse en el escenario. Después del acto, Laura Pausini señaló que estuvo entre sus mejores presentaciones, y Ricky Martin comentó que tiene el potencial de ser el cantante principal.


Los chicos regresaron al escenario, y las chicas seleccionaron a Christopher Vélez para que pase a las rondas en vivo.


Solista 6: Kevin González

Canción: Want to Want Me de Jason Derulo


Kevin dijo que su sueño se está haciendo realidad y está teniendo una experiencia única en la vida. Durante el ensayo, Laura Pausini le dijo que no haga muecas cuando cometa errores porque su voz no tiene fallas. Por separado, comentó que Kevin debe estar más seguro para reconocer su talento, descubrirlo y mostrarlo con orgullo. Después de presentarse, Kevin se alteró pues le pareció que había ‘graznado’ un poco en el escenario. Laura Pausini les dijo a los demás jueces que su ensayo fue mucho mejor y que casi la hizo llorar.


Solista 7: Joshua Greaux

Canción: Esta Ausencia de David Bisbal


Joshua dijo que como nadie más, se pone emotivo antes de este tipo de experiencia y que se debe preparar para lo que va a enfrentar. También dijo que era la noche más importante de su vida. Durante el ensayo, Alejandro Sanz señaló que debe ponerle toda la atención a las notas altas.


Solista 8: Nickie Jon Pabon

Canción: La Llave de Mi Corazón de Juan Luis Guerra


Nickie dice que hoy es el comienzo de su futuro, tiene una actitud positiva y dejará que su talento lo diga todo. Durante el ensayo, Laura Pausini le comentó que cuenta con casi todo lo que es necesario, se mueve de maravillas, pero que tiene que esforzarse más para cantar entonado. Después de su presentación, Alejandro Sanz le dijo que le preocupa que desafine y Ricky Martin comentó que cuando canta en grupo, nunca lo hace.


Solista 9: Sebastián Rivera

Canción: Llueve por Dentro de Luis Fonsi


Sebastián nunca se imaginó que llegaría tan lejos en la competencia, está contento y espera mucho más. Durante el ensayo, Alejandro Sanz señaló que no siempre llega a las notas altas y que al cantar, lo más importante es controlar la respiración. Después del acto, Laura Pausini señala que casi nunca está desentonado y que es uno de los cantantes más emotivos.


Solista 10: Jaime Cruz-

Canción: I Want You Back de The Jackson Five


Está nervioso porque tres concursantes quedarán eliminados en la competencia. Alejandro Sanz le recomienda que sonría porque su acto fluirá mejor y la audiencia no quiere ver a un artista sufrir en el escenario. Después de la presentación, Ricky Martin señala que a pesar de que algunas de las chicas no conocían las canciones, estaban respaldando a Jaime. Laura indicó que debe mejorar su forma de cantar.


Los chicos regresan al escenario y las chicas votan por Joshua Greaux.


Solista 11: Zabdiel de Jesús

Canción: Que lloro de Sin Bandera


Zabdiel nunca soñó con llegar tan lejos en la competencia y fue a la audición solo para probar y ver si pasaba. Durante el ensayo Ricky Martin comentó que al comienzo pensó que debía tocar guitarra durante la presentación, pero luego descartó la idea porque podría ser demasiado para Zabdiel. Después de su presentación, Alejandro le dice que vaya a  celebrar, Laura le recomienda que no llore y Ricky le dice que está muy contento.


Solista 12: Alan Matheus

Canción: Roar de Katy Perry


Alan se siente optimista pues ha ensayado mucho y si recibe la oportunidad de salir en las rondas en vivo, no hará sino mejorar. Durante el ensayo, Alejandro comentó que debe mejorar su lenguaje corporal y que no se para bien en el escenario. Después del acto, Ricky y Alejandro señalaron que debe tener mejor ritmo y proyectar la voz en el escenario.


Solista 13: Joel Pimentel

Canción: Just the Way You Are de Bruno Mars


Joel está nervioso y emotivo, y se siente cómodo con la canción. Antes de que se presente, Ricky Martin señaló que es muy bueno y seguro de sí mismo pero señaló que el sonido no es el mejor para él. Después de la presentación, a Alejandro Sanz le parece que estuvo desafinado, y Ricky señaló que en los ensayos estuvo estupendo. Laura dijo que debe pensar al respecto. Joel aseguró que estaba muy nervioso y que por eso cantó desentonado.


Solista 14: Erick Brian Colon

Canción: El Perdedor de Enrique Iglesias


Erick tiene mucha confianza en sí mismo y piensa que eso lo ha ayudado a llegar tan lejos en la competencia. Cuando vivía en Cuba, nunca se imaginó que todo esto sucedería. Durante el ensayo, Alejandro señaló que tiene un pequeño problema con el tempo. Le dijo a Erick que no debe cambiar la melodía para nada pero que le debe dar un toque personal a la canción. Después de la presentación, Alejandro señaló que aprende rápido y que puede seguir mejorando.


Solista 15: Richard Camacho

Canción: Tienes que Creer en Mí de Frankie J


Este es el sueño de Richard y va a esforzarse al máximo durante su presentación porque es lo que quiere hacer el resto de su vida. Durante el ensayo, Ricky señaló que Richard parecía estar incómodo pues estaba teniendo dificultad con la letra, pero que su presentación fue mucho mejor de lo que esperaba y que debe sentirse seguro de su talento. Laura Pausini le recomendó un truco: que se escriba en la palma de la mano la frase que le cuesta recordar. Richard no queda satisfecho con su presentación; los jueces señalaron que no parece divertirse.


Los chicos vuelven al escenario y las fans votan por Zabdiel de Jesús.


La decisión de los jueces

Los jueces les dicen personalmente a los 12 concursantes que quedan si van a seguir en las rondas en vivo de La Banda.


Joel Pimentel: Ricky Martin va a su casa y le da la noticia en persona. Joel y su madre están sumamente sorprendidos y lloran. Ricky le dice que si bien no hablar español es una desventaja, pasará a las rondas en vivo.


Johann Vera: Alejandro Sanz lo invita a su estudio. Johann está muy emotivo y dice que ha pasado por mucho para llegar allí. Alejandro le dice que espera que la experiencia en La Banda le deje un buen recuerdo y que si bien recibió uno de los puntajes más bajos, ha logrado pasar a las rondas en vivo.


José Antonio Monroig: Laura lo invita a Nueva York y señala que lo que más le gusta de José Antonio es su carisma. José Antonio está nervioso y llora. Ella le da la noticia de que no continuará en la competencia y este rompe en llanto. Finalmente, José Antonio comenta que Ricky Martin también tuvo que tratar varias veces y que va a seguir esforzándose.


Erick Brian Colón: Erick se reúne con Laura y está muy nervioso de que su sueño termine allí. Laura le recuerda que ha cantado desafinado y que cuando lo ve con los demás muchachos, piensa que debe esforzarse por encontrar su lugar en el grupo. Erick se emociona mucho cuando se entera de que ha logrado pasar a las rondas en vivo.


Nickie Jon Pabón: Ricky Martin le pide que le dé el encuentro en Houston y dice que su presencia en el escenario es muy buena. Sin embargo, debe mejorar su voz, y su experiencia en La Banda ha llegado a su fin. Nickie dice que espera que la gente no se olvide de él.


Yoandri Cabrera: Alejandro Sanz va a la casa de Yoandri. Sabe que la noticia que está por darle le cambiará la vida al muchacho para siempre. Para Yoandri, pasar a los programas en vivo sería la mejor experiencia. Alejandro dice que pase lo que pase, su futuro es la música y que su mejor cualidad es la humildad. Alejandro le da la bienvenida a los programas en vivo.


Jaime Cruz: Ricky Martin lo invita a un concierto en Houston para contarle sobre la decisión de los jueces. Jaime sabe que lo pueden eliminar de la competencia. En pleno concierto, Ricky Martin lo invita al escenario para decirle que continuará en la competencia.


Sebastián Rivera: Sebastián dice que la primera vez que soñó con ser cantante fue en Times Square en la ciudad de Nueva York y que eso le cambió la vida. Laura le dice que para los jueces ha sido fabuloso trabajar con Sebastián. Tiene dificultad con las notas altas y debe creer en lo que canta. Le dice que a pesar que los sueños de todos no se harán realidad, el suyo sí.


Aaron Bodden: Aaron dice que la experiencia ha sido difícil y que su familia ha tenido que hacer muchos sacrificios para que pueda ir en pos de su sueño de ser artista. Alejandro Sanz le pide que, independientemente de lo que pase, no abandone la música y que a pesar de su motivación, en La Banda  pueden tener un cantante rapero pero no un rapero que no canta. Esperan mucho de él. Aaron pasa a las rondas en vivo.


Kevin González: Ricky Martin lo va a visitar a su casa en Phoenix, Arizona. Es un momento importante para Kevin pues se enterará si sus sueños se harán realidad o no. Está triste pues se da cuenta de que todo puede terminar hoy. Su mamá llora emocionada cuando ve a Ricky Martin en su casa. Ricky dice que el Kevin que fue a las audiciones en Miami Beach ha cambiado mucho. Cuando le dice que ha pasado a las rondas en vivo en La Banda, Kevin llora. Ricky le dice a su familia que lo apoye porque tiene mucho potencial.


Alan Matheus: Alejandro lo invita a su casa y le da la noticia. Alan confiesa que está dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa para pasar a las rondas en vivo. Alejandro piensa que tiene mucho talento, pero es sensible. Le dice a Alan que a pesar de su talento y de que es ideal para esto, debe ser más seguro y que es muy tímido. Es esencial que aprenda a bailar para ser parte de La Banda. Dado todo eso, no continuará en la competencia. Alejandro considera que debe ir en pos de una carrera como solista, y Alan está muy triste.


Richard Camacho: Laura Pausini le dice a Richard que ha hecho cosas maravillosas en La Banda. Richard realmente quiere ser parte de La Banda y no ha podido dormir de los nervios. Esta señala que cometió par de errores durante la presentación y que la música requiere mucho instinto, pero también mucha disciplina. A Richard se le salen las lágrimas cuando Laura le dice que proseguirá en la competencia.


Sintonicen La Banda la noche del domingo a las 8PM Este/7PM Centro/5PM Pacífico y 8PM Pacífico para la próxima etapa de la competencia, en vivo. Las fans podrán votar en línea, por teléfono o por texto usando un hashtag y vía nuestra aplicación de Univision Conecta.

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