Timothy Leary, Controversial Harvard Professor, met Kat Thomas (The Great Kat), Controversial Juilliard Graduate Violin Virtuoso, in New York City in 1984, the result was the creation of a never before released song: “RIGHT BRAIN LOVER”

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It’s the 20th ANNIVERSARY of TIMOTHY LEARY’S DEATH on MAY 31, 1996

http://archives.nypl.org/mss/18400#c759755 & http://www.greatkat.com/03/timothyleary.html
Never Released Timothy Leary/Kat Thomas Song: “Right Brain Lover”:
Timothy Leary, Controversial Harvard Professor, met Kat Thomas (The Great Kat), Controversial Juilliard Graduate Violin Virtuoso, in New York City in 1984, the result was the creation of a never before released song: “RIGHT BRAIN LOVER”. Leary wrote the wild psychedelic lyrics and Kat composed the music. Leary and Kat recorded “Right Brain Lover” song, starring Kat’s electric violin virtuosity and rock singing and Timothy Leary RAPPING the lyrics with his inimitable voice!! Info at http://www.greatkat.com/03/timothyleary.html

“Timothy Leary Papers” at The New York Public Library Archives Features Timothy Leary & Kat Thomas’ (The Great Kat) “RIGHT BRAIN LOVER” Song: http://archives.nypl.org/mss/18400#c759755. LETTER from TIMOTHY LEARY to KAT THOMAS about collaborating on music: http://www.greatkat.com/03/timothyleary6.jpg

Timothy Leary/The Great Kat Electric Violin Goddess: http://www.greatkat.com/03/learygreatkat3.jpg
Timothy Leary Letter to Kat Thomas: http://www.greatkat.com/03/timothyleary6.jpg
The Great Kat Violin Goddess: http://www.greatkat.com/08/violin540logo1.jpg

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About The Great Kat Guitar/Violin Virtuoso:
The Great Kat http://www.greatkat.com is the world-famous Juilliard graduate Classical Violin Virtuoso/Carnegie Recital Hall Violin Soloist/Winner of “Artists International Competition”. The Great Kat performed as a Prodigy Violin Soloist for NYC Mayor Ed Koch at Gracie Mansion and for Coahuila, Mexico Governor Flores Tapia at the Centennial of General Vito Alessio Robles’ birth and at the famous Teatro Fernando Soler in Saltillo, Mexico and was awarded the “Certificate of Merit” from New York Governor Mario Cuomo. The Great Kat is now the world’s fastest Shred Guitar Virtuoso/“TOP 10 FASTEST SHREDDERS OF ALL TIME” (Guitar One Magazine)/ “FAMOUS JUILLIARD SCHOOL ALUMNI” (Ranker.com)/Reincarnation of Beethoven and the ONLY Guitar-Violin Double Virtuoso since Niccolo Paganini. Timothy Leary, cultural icon collaborated with The Great Kat Violin Virtuoso on the rock song “Right Brain Lover”. Retailing giant Tesco is now featuring The Great Kat’s virtuoso Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” music in the TV commercial for the popular Activision video game “Call of Duty: Ghosts” http://youtu.be/6tW_ik2J000 . The Great Kat’s Revolutionary Albums, “Beethoven On Speed” and “Beethoven Shreds” are now featured in “America’s Beethoven” Exhibit at the “American Beethoven Society”. BBC Radio’s “The Arts Hour” features The Great Kat Shredding Beethoven’s “5th Symphony” and Interview from “Fast And Furioso” Show (heard on BBC Radio 4). More info: http://www.greatkat.com.

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