Think outside the Coloring Box with Wynwood Coloring Book

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The popularity of coloring books amongst adults right now is part of that larger movement to break away from the hustle and bustle of life’s routine activities. Coloring books are successful amongst adults because they give people the chance to be creative without the intimidation of staring at a blank page, or the pressure of having to learn something new. The Wynwood Coloring book is a great way to destress, and it draws inspiration from the heart of the Miami Art District, Wynwood.


The Wynwood Coloring Book.

Wynwood Coloring Book for Adults is a cool way for creatives to pass time.  This is a 64-page coloring book inspired by the world famous street art of Wynwood, Miami. The book is printed on high-quality wood-free paper, perfect for coloring. It’s wire-o-bound and the size is 8 x 8 inches / 203 x 203 mm, while also being eco-friendly and perfect for on-the-go. It features carefully curated Wynwood street art and a full-color directory with the name and information of the artists participating in the book. In addition to the directory, the Wynwood Coloring Book keeps the artists and the community connected by updating followers with artists’ events and news making sure everyone stays informed as a proud ambassador of this great community.  Wynwood visitors now have an affordable souvenir to take home with them as well as an interactive way to connect with the artists who created the murals they love; we call it a portable museum. But it’s still a coloring book, which lets you take your mind off the daily stress and discover your inner artist!

The Wynwood Coloring Book started when writer and social entrepreneur, Diego Orlandini, discovered coloring and doodling as an escape to get away from monotonous daily activities. He found it relaxing and highly entertaining and it proved to be a great mindfulness practice; however, he grew tired of coloring mandalas and images that didn’t inspire him.

Together with the help of his friends, they realized they wanted to color the eclectic murals and vibrant street art they saw every day in their favorite neighborhood located in Miami. This group of friends put this project together, and the Wynwood Coloring Book was born. Diego notes,

“Our mission is to give you the opportunity to engage your creative mind while following the steps of your favorite street artists, reimagining the colors of Wynwood’s famous walls.”

The Wynwood Coloring Book is also a socially responsible organization. Part of the longterm commitment is to provide the chance for children to access higher education. The Wynwood Coloring Book has pledged to contribute part of the revenue to The Aimfully Foundation, whose mission is to place one thousand children in universities around the globe in the next ten  years.

Wynwood Coloring Book CONTRIBUTORS

With enthusiasm and excitement, dozens of local and international artists whose art resides on the walls of Wynwood have signed up to be part of the pages of this coloring book. Some of the artists include The London Police, Alex Senna, Alexander Mijares, Diana Contreras, Jason Botkin, Jenny Perez, Jim Mahfood, Alice Mizrachi, Chris Riggs, GG, Indie 184, Patch Whisky, Pawn Price, Sheryo & The Yok, Uncutt, and many more.

More about Wynwood Coloring Book:

The Wynwood Coloring Book is a stunning compilation of black and white pages inspired by renowned artists of the Wynwood community. Each page is an opportunity to reimagine the colors of the iconic street art displayed in one of the most recognized art districts in the world and to connect customers to the thriving art scene that has developed in Wynwood. As stated by The New Tropic, “The Wynwood Coloring Book is a lot of things. It’s a tool for mindfulness, to help people take a break from the hustle and remember a simpler time. It’s a souvenir for visitors who want to bring home a part of this place. And it’s a time capsule, capturing Wynwood at a pivotal moment in its young life, preserving today’s art long after it is painted over to make way for a new mural. It also lets you be part of the work, regardless of your level of artistic skill.” It is perfect for framing, coffee tables, and gifts.


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