Theatre Odyssey, Don’t Miss Out – Last Call for Tickets: Venice Theatre stage this Tuesday and Wednesday, August 11 and 12, in the Pinkerton Theatre, at 8 p.m.

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Final Performances In Venice This Week

2015-08-07 17 32 02-Theatre Odyssey 2015 Clips - YouTube

Click to watch the 2015 Tenth Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival highlights, including three of the six plays being performed at the Venice Theatre.

If you have other plans this Tuesday or Wednesday, consider postponing them!

There’s still time to get your tickets to Theatre Odyssey’s final two shows in Venice.

Six wonderful, short plays, originally produced by Theatre Odyssey, will be performed. The selection includes the winners of the Ten-Minute Play Festival from the last three years, the reigning Best Student Festival Play, and two other popular plays. From the poignant, to the serious, to the downright hilarious, you’ll be entertained from the first play until the final curtain.

The performances will be held at the Venice Theatre stage this Tuesday and Wednesday, August 11 and 12, in the Pinkerton Theatre, at 8 p.m.

Don’t miss out! Click here to purchase tickets.

We hope to see you there!


The plays being performed are:

A BOTTLE OF VODKA by Connie Schindewolf (Best Play, 2014)
Dependency can be a shared quest for intimacy, or a matter of addiction. (Serious)

A LITTLE HELP! by Bernard Yanelli (Best Play, 2013)
An elderly reprobate meets his Waterloo. (Comedy)

AS LONG AS THE MOON SHINES by Julien Freij (Best Student Play, 2015)
A poignant tale of sibling love and sacrifice. (Serious)

HIGH SCHOOL REUNION by Arthur Keyser (Best Play, 2015)
A 101 year-old gentleman carries on his high school class tradition of an annual reunion in the belief that he is the last survivor until he discovers there is another classmate still alive. (Comedy)

IT’S TIME TO MOVE by Ron Pantello (2015 Festival Finalist)
A set of twins (boy and girl) in the womb arguing about moving into the real world. (Comedy)

SMART BRA by Sylvia Reed (Runner-up, 2014)
A first blind date has always been an appropriate occasion for a chaperone, but in a high-tech, digital world, the guardian(s) may be surprising. (Comedy)

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