The Untitled Magazine would like to clarify that the photo shoot with actress Ruby Rose, which took place on April 13, 2015 and the interview, which was completed on June 12, 2015 for an inside feature in the #GirlPower Issue of The Untitled Magazine, were with full consent of the actress and her PR team

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The Untitled Magazine would like to clarify that the photo shoot with actress Ruby Rose, which took place on April 13, 2015 and the interview, which was completed on June 12, 2015 for an inside feature in the #GirlPower Issue of The Untitled Magazine, were with full consent of the actress and her PR team. The Instagram post was the first time we heard any concerns from her or her team regarding the photos that were taken.

The Untitled Magazine would never publish unauthorized photos of talent we are profiling in the magazine. The photo shoot was an original production for the magazine’s “Girl Power” themed print edition, which was photographed exclusively by female photographers and written exclusive by female journalists in an effort to promote gender equality and female empowerment.

We have multiple emails from her team re-iterating how happy they were with the photo shoot, and there were no concerns over the photos or the over the sheerness of the clothing raised with the magazine after the shoot took place. In an email from her PR team to The Untitled Magazine, it was stated, “Thank you again for this! She looked incredible and it was a really great team. I am thrilled and exited to see the final edit.”

Allegations that The Untitled Magazine tried to sell her photos to other publications is completely false, and her representatives were aware of that. The Untitled Magazine does not manage the re-sell rights to the photos. The photographer maintains the copyright of these photographs and she and her agents are the only one who can sell them.

Allegations The Untitled Magazine published “nude” or “semi-nude” photographs of the actress are false. Ruby is fully clothed throughout the photo shoot. The photo shoot was done on location in Los Angeles with a freelance photographer who oversaw the shoot and retouching of the images. An editor from the magazine was not present at the photo shoot. Ruby Rose agreed to wear the sheer clothing depicted in the images at the shoot. If she relayed any concerns to the photographer and team on set this was not relayed to the magazine, which is based in New York City. The magazine equally was never alerted of any concerns regarding the images after they were taken. We were never contacted regarding any additional retouching she or her team felt was necessary or any other concerns regarding the photos. Her PR team never asked for a photo approval contract from the magazine before the shoot nor any additional approvals to take place after the photo shoot and it was understood that everyone was happy with the shoot and the images that were taken for the magazine. Her team followed up after the shoot only stating how happy they were with the shoot and requesting information of when the issue is to be released, and to send them copies of the printed magazine.

We would never try to “exploit” talent we feature in the magazine. Equally we would never publish photos that were taken without the consent of the subject. We do not steal photos or publish unauthorized photos. The interview is very positive and focuses on her career and feminism.

You can read the interview here:

If we had known of her concerns we would have not run the photo in question. They are published in the print edition of the magazine which is already distributed.

We did not publish the photo in question online.

We received an email from her PR team after they received the PDF of the magazine on September 21st thanking us again.

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