The Ultimate Resource For Fans And Critics, “Woody Allen: Reel To Real” by Alex Sheremet

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The Ultimate Resource For Fans And Critics, Woody Allen: Reel To Real Will Never Be Outdated

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New York, NY, February 9, 2015 – With one of the biggest cult followings of any artist, Woody Allen is also the most written about director in the history of film. Alex Sheremet’s Woody Allen: Reel To Real covers all of Allen’s films as works of art, dealing with characters, visuals, framing, music, narrative, and intellectual depths across each and every work. At the same time, it is an accessible and practical guide to Woody Allen’s movies.

As the first DigiDialogue™ from Take2 Publishing, it’s been hailed as a “seminal” and “revolutionary” book by poet and critic Dan Schneider (Cosmoetica), and “one of the most significant pieces of film archaeology you could come across” (Dan Slevin, FishHead Magazine). Sheremet’s style is straightforward and begins with a single assertion: that art can and should be evaluated, and that a critic’s job is above all to evaluate.

At 600+ pages, the book does exactly that, covering every single film that Allen has ever written, directed, or otherwise acted in, and responds to 5 decades of Woody-related criticism before turning the tables on Woody’s own opinions on art, life, and philosophy.

“My hope is that the reader will come away knowing more of art and cinema as a whole,” Sheremet says, “and be able to apply these ideas to new artworks in a way that’s logically consistent and self-sufficient, while still avoiding the common pitfalls of artistic criticism.”

Woody Allen: Reel To Real will be updated with new essays, articles, and reader/critic feedback every 6-12 months, thus ensuring that others become a part of the publishing process. These updates will sync automatically with all purchased copies. Given its interactive nature, Reel To Real will continue to grow both with Woody Allen’s new work, as well as the critical discourse surrounding it.

Take2 Publishing is one of the world’s first virtual publishers. Centered in New York, they employ editors, copywriters, artists, critics, and researchers in cities all over the world, including New York, London, Melbourne, Tel-Aviv, Kiev, St. Louis, San Diego, Los Angeles and elsewhere. Take2 books are published in all recognized digital formats and are available at every key eBook retail site including Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, Nook Press and Apple’s iBookstore.

Alex Sheremet is a young writer from Belarus. As a poet, critic, and novelist, he became interested in film as a means of furthering his own art, and chose to stay because of everything else that film has taught him. He graduated Valedictorian of Macaulay Honors College in New York City with a BA in Classical Studies and English. His work has appeared on Cosmoetica, Blogcritics, Scholastic, and other publications.

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Dan Schneider, poet, critic, novelist, and founder of Cosmoetica: “…a seminal book in film criticism that eschews the Lowest Common Denominator Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down approach to film criticism…in favor of an in depth and objective look at the films, themselves, as works of art. This is a welcome, and hopefully, revolutionary tool that will inspire a younger generation of art critics, in all forms and genre, to transcend their own limits, just as every cineaste and art aesthete hopes to do for themselves.”

Dan Slevin, editor of FishHead Magazine and broadcaster of Rancho Notorious Podcast: “…a massive undertaking, and one of the most significant pieces of film archaeology you could come across.”

Andrew J. Geary, AndrewGearyWrites: “…damn good writing…It’s not only a great book on Woody Allen, but on art and the art of criticism, which will serve as a great resource for those interested in the ways film operates.”

John Greco, Twenty Four Frames: “…erudite, intelligent…the most far-reaching analysis of Woody Allen’s career so far.”

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