The story of Sgt. Banala

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Deadline: 48 Hours -- The USO is changing lives by helping wounded troops find jobs. Do your part by helping us expand our individualized support.


Army Sergeant Sudheer Banala had a big problem.

Preparing to leave the military with injuries to his neck and back, he had the skills to land a job, but like other troops, had trouble navigating the private sector.

Seeking help, Sgt. Banala attended a USO/Hire Heroes USA workshop. Working one-on-one with veterans and HR specialists, he improved his resume and built confidence through mock interviews.

Soon after, he was hired as a software engineer with Asurion.

By personalizing the program and pouring decades of experience into every detail, the USO and Hire Heroes USA helped Sgt. Banala where others couldn’t.

With 189,000 post-9/11 veterans looking for work, too many are falling through the cracks – we must expand our work. But the USO isn’t a government agency. We count on you.

Click here to donate $5 or more – help us meet our $20,000 goal before midnight tomorrow so we can offer more personalized support to wounded troops.

We understand the anxiety that a service member with PTSD might encounter at a crowded job fair, so we set up one-on-one meetings with employers.

We know troops can find it difficult to translate their military experience, so we bring in veterans with private sector experience to help write resumes.

And we know that landing a job can make a world of difference for at-risk troops. It builds confidence and gives them purpose and meaning – but with so much demand for our unique programs, we need your help.

Click here to donate to support our wounded troops – even $5 or more makes a huge difference for a non-profit organization like the USO.

These programs are life-changing for men and women who have earned an incredible future. Thank you for being there for us – but more importantly, for them.

Alan Reyes
Senior Vice President, Operations, USO

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