The Ord is a Unique, Riveting Podcast that Spotlights Sports, Movies and Popular Culture

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August 15, 2014

The Ord is a Unique, Riveting Podcast that Spotlights Sports, Movies and Popular Culture

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With the advent of the World Wide Web, the world of digital entertainment has expanded beyond the traditional model of broadcast production.  Now, anyone with a microphone and a webcam can share their unique insights with the rest of the world. Among this burgeoning group of independent entertainers is The Ord, which is a podcast produced by Jacob Kern, Jeff Cisler, Ted Ernwine, and Jeff Baker. This dynamic and compelling podcast has developed an enormous following over the years due to the highly engaging interplay between the hosts, original takes on pop culture phenomena and their willingness to engage in a variety of silly antics.

The Ord is a weekly, hour long show which serves as a showcase for discussions about the Vikings, UFC, the latest movies, high tech gadgets and Star Wars. Using the ribald and compelling topics that most men find interesting, the hosts of The Ord have fashioned a compelling and engaging show which is sure to keep fans enthralled week after week.

Jacob Kern and his fellow hosts have produced The Ord without external funding, but they would like to share their fun with a broader segment of the American public.  In order to secure funding for the additional production and marketing costs, The Ord has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  For fans of The Ord, or those who enjoy great male-oriented entertainment, this is the opportunity to help make a truly deserving show find the wider audience it merits.  For those who make pledges of $500 or more, they can serve as a guest on a taping. To learn more about The Ord or to make a financial pledge, please visit
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