“The Money Compass” by Mark Anthony Grimaldi and G. Stevenson Smith

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The Money Compass: What Happened To The American Dream?

Wappingers Falls, NY, January 13, 2015 – How can the 99% get ahead in 2015? Mark Anthony Grimaldi’s book, The Money Compass: Where Your Money Went and How to Get it Back (Wiley & Sons, Inc.), looks at specific political and financial events that put the American Dream on hold for most families, and then offers tools for taking proactive moves towards prosperity in the future.

In The Money Compass, Grimaldi teams up with Professor G. Stevenson Smith to provide readers with a roadmap that not only helps them manage their money today but also teaches strategies that will help them profit from the next big economic collapse. “The system is rigged and the politicians and the one-percenters hold all of the cards,” says Grimaldi. “Even though the economy is in bad shape, that doesn’t mean you can’t save responsibly, invest profitably, and retire comfortably.”

Mark Anthony Grimaldi is a career money manager known for his straightforward insight on finance and investing. A graduate of Albany State University, Grimaldi earned the Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) designation before putting his gifts to work at top companies including Meyer Handleman Company in NY, Prime Financial Services and Marshall & Sterling Consultants.  He helped create an exciting newsletter, The Money Compass, for which he is now Chief Portfolio Manager and Economist.

Grimaldi believes in supporting his local community and is a major contributor to Helping Hand, founded in 1996. Donations are given out on a quarterly basis to local charities that exemplify the founders’ beliefs that charity begins at home. To date, Grimaldi has donated nearly $131,000 to many worthwhile causes.

The Money Compass
by Mark Anthony Grimaldi and G. Stevenson Smith
Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1118614457
ISBN-13: 978-1118614457



Excerpts from the many 5-star reviews on Amazon.com:

Dr. Wilson Trivino: “Probably the one thing that most people worry about is money. It seems you can never have too much but always there is too little. In The Money Compass…you are given tools that help you take a proactive role in your own wealth…more than a preachy account of what you need to do, it is actually a good teacher in what you should do. There are many insightful exercises and tips on things you should do that you probably did not think about.”

Norm Goldman: “…[Grimaldi] coherently present(s) several steps and suggestions outlining how your financial net worth can be increased. Readers learn what is going on in the stock markets today, where their money went and understanding the most recent financial collapse, and how to hold onto your money once you get it back….easy to follow and comprehend…”

DLKDLKDLK: “…An interesting, readable book about the devolving financial system we find in America and the rest of the world today. The prose is clear and concise. People who are worried about the financial future of America should read this book…The authors do not only explain what the problems are, they also offer countermeasures that individuals can take to protect their hard earned net wealth in the future.”

Thomas W. Sheehan: “Everyone who sails toward their financial horizon…needs both a telescope to see what’s ahead, and a magnifying glass to study maps and charts. The Money Compass supplies both. For most folks, financial planning is a mind-boggling, far-side-of-the-world proposition. No book could be more appropriately titled, nor provide a better guide for avoiding the rocks and shoals on our voyage to retirement. It puts our present situation in easy to understand perspective so we can better prepare for what’s to come…Inspiring.”

Nick & Debi: “WOW! I only thought I knew the reasons for our financial collapse. The authors of this book bring forth facts that explain why things happened and where we can go from here to protect ourselves. Written by economists in everyday language for everyday people…A great eye opening book.”

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