The highest rated physical therapist in Southern California, Dr. Justin C. Lin, is pleased to announce the launch of his new book, Rehab the Mind, Revive the Body

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    The American model of healing is proving ineffective across the board. Rehab and Revive Physical Therapy has shifted the paradigm of treatment for injuries and chronic pain. The inspirational true stories in the new book, Rehab the Mind, Revive the Body, are a testament to the power of true healing. September 16th, 2014 (Irvine, California) – The highest rated physical therapist in Southern California, Dr. Justin C. Lin, is pleased to announce the launch of his new book, Rehab the Mind, Revive the Body, (known hereafter as the “Book” or “RR”), an inspirational account of the power of active healing based on real life stories of his patients. The American medical system has ignored the roots of injuries and ailments that plague the nation, and instead focus on masking symptoms with pills and surgery. By adapting the methods of Functional Manual Therapy, Dr. Lin has created a method of healing that encourages patient empowerment, and his treatments have proved successful for thousands of patients across the world.
    RR outlines his journey in treating his various patients, from a teenager with Cerebral Palsy, to a young woman with a series of chronic broken bones, and he applies the lessons of his own history of injury to engage his patients with mindfulness and courage.
    The story follows the characters from various points of view, affording the reader an opportunity to explore the pains of the patient while simultaneously immersing them in the mind of the Doctor. These inspirational characters learn to manage their pain by engaging their mind and body in harmony to finally leave the cycle of pain.
    “The missing component in the healing process for the epidemic of chronic pain in our nation is simple: patient participation and empowerment,” says Lin. “Rehab the Mind, Revive the Body focuses on shifting the paradigm of the American medical system to include the patient as the key component to true change.”
    With Rehab the Mind, Revive the Body, Dr. Lin transforms his patients by being a part of their health journey by restoring their optimal level of activity, and he continues this commitment to healing in his practice in Orange County California. This renowned location serves the community and the world in a practice committed to a purpose and a method of healing that encourages empowerment.
    Rehab and Revive’s mission is to provide a unique style of pain management by advocating and guiding every patient on their own healing journey and encouraging active participation in the healing process. This philosophy has propelled RR to #1 on Yelp in the first six months of opening.
    Rehab and Revive Physical Therapy is located in Tustin, CA, and was opened in 2012 after moving from Washington D.C. It is the highest rated facility in Southern California on
    Justin C. Lin, DPT, MS, CSCS, is one of the highest rated Physical Therapists in Orange County, California on He has contributed to Tom Ashbrook’s “On-Point” segment on NPR, as well as newspapers in syndicated columns, and his Youtube Channels have tens of thousands of views. He has worked with professional athletes and celebrities in pioneering the growth and adoption of Functional Manual Therapy, and regularly donates his time for community health outreach. Dr. Lin’s holistic approach to pain management has been largely influenced by his esteemed mentors, Dr. Gary Kaplan, Director of the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine and the author of Total Recovery, and Gregg Johnson, co-founder of the Institute of Physical Art, and founder of Functional Manual Therapy. He lives in Irvine, CA.
Rehab the Body, Revive the Mind
    Why do we suffer through pain? Why do we choose the hardest path to healing? Does the mind rely on the body to leave the cycle of pain? 
    These, and many other questions about the current state of our healing system in dealing with the epidemic of chronic pain, sports injury, nerve pain, and wellness are the crux of Rehab the Mind, Revive the Body, an inspirational account of one healer’s journey in helping patients overcome their limiting beliefs and injuries. The intention to heal, our commitment to our selves, and the need for a shift in the paradigm of true healing follow the path of Dr. Justin C. Lin, the highest rated Physical Therapist in Southern California, as he encounters every conceivable pain, from the body to the mind. Rehab the Mind, Revive the Mind is a collection of stories that exemplify the true “art in manual medicine”, detailing the raw reality of overcoming pain, the struggle of self-discovery, and the difficulty of revealing the potential within.


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